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Woodbridge Principal Returns From Iraq

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By Jonathan Wilson

The school year is coming to a close for most teachers and administrators, but one principal in Prince William County is eager to get back to work.

Teachers and students at Enterprise Elementary held an assembly a lot like this one, a year ago, in honor of their principal Melanie McLure.

But 4th grader Jemeric Thomas says that assembly was a sad one.

"Mrs. McLure was going away, and she was a great principal, so I would say almost three fourths of the school was crying," says Thomas.

But now McLure, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves, is back from a year long tour of duty in Iraq.

Still sporting her desert camouflage uniform, McLure says all the hugs and smiles from students happy to see her back are overwhelming.

"I'm mean, it's just not something you ever, you certainly don't expect it," says McLure. "And then you experience it and it's pretty awesome."

Prince William County School's Superintendent Steve Waltz says it's the first time in his 33 years in education that he's seen a principal called away to serve in the military.

Two retired Prince William principals filled the void at Enterprise while McLure was gone.


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