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Local Greeks Encourage Tourism To Boost Greece's Economy

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Basil Mossaidis is executive director of American Hellenic Progressive Educational Association DC.
Rebecca Sheir
Basil Mossaidis is executive director of American Hellenic Progressive Educational Association DC.

By Rebecca Sheir

Greece's Minister of Finance says his country is "very close" to negotiating a multi-billion-euro aid deal to help the country's ailing economy. Members of local Greek and Greek-American communities are trying to support Greece by promoting tourism.

Basil Mossaidis is a second-generation Greek-American who's lived in Washington for nearly 20 years. As executive director of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, or AHEPA, hes just returned from an overseas visit with Greece's Finance Minister, and says hes confident the country will recover.

This upheaval is just financial," Mossaidis says. "I mean, in their history theyve had far worse things happen to them. So this is nothing the Greek people can't combat.

But Mossaidis says Greeks and Greek-Americans living here can help, simply by paying a visit.

"I mean you're not gonna send, you know, 250,000 Greek-Americans there to spend a thousand dollars each and that's the end of the deficit," he says. "But certainly it'll go a long way."

Mossaidis says AHEPA is committed to spreading the word that -- in spite of everything -- Greece is open for business.


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