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Year Without H.S. Summer School Presents Challenges In Loudoun

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Administrators say finding other school districts with room for Loudoun students in summer schools could be a challenge this year.
Jonathan Wilson
Administrators say finding other school districts with room for Loudoun students in summer schools could be a challenge this year.

By Jonathan Wilson

In Loudoun County, Virginia, some parents who weren't keeping a close eye on the school district's budget process are finding out that summer school won't be an option for high-schoolers this year.

The district's curriculum director, Peter Hughes, says after painful budget cuts, he's just glad the news about summer school comes at a time for individual high-schoolers to do something about it.

"If somebody was determined to improve their grade situation, or they have certain work they have to do to pass a course, they've got several weeks in which to work with teachers to do that," says Hughes.

But some students at Stone Bridge High School, including Calla Michaeliedis, aren't as optimistic that those who have fallen behind will be able to catch up by June.

"And if they want to get ahead, they don't have that option anymore," says Michaeliedis.

The district says decisions about who needs to retake classes will be made on a student-by-student basis.

Last year in Loudoun, about 70 seniors relied on summer school to graduate. Hughes says the district is still exploring whether other counties will have room for seniors and other students who need summer school this year.


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