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WASA Northwest D.C. Tap Water Warning

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By Marcus Rosenbaum

Areas affected:

*West Boundary: Western Avenue, NW

*North Boundary: River Road, NW

*East Boundary: Connecticut Avenue, NW

*South Boundary Nebraska Avenue, NW

The DC Water and Sewer Authority has again reduced the area affected by its advisory not to use the water.

The new area runs from Western Avenue on the west to River Road on the north to Connecticut Avenue on the east and to Nebraska Avenue on the south.

Problems began when the unmanned Fort Reno facility was shut down for routine maintenance early this morning, and officials noticed a higher-than-normal concentration of chlorine in the water.

Drinking water with such high levels of chlorine can cause stomach discomfort, and washing with it can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and skin. Boiling the water will not help, and many water filters will not remove the chlorine, either, so WASA is recommending not using the water at all.

A spokeswoman for WASA says the emergency should be lifted soon.


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