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"Art Beat" With Stephanie Kaye - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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From left, Natasha Staley, Leigh Jameson and Tiffany Fillmore round out the lasses of "Back to the Yearning" through May 2nd.
Stan Barouh
From left, Natasha Staley, Leigh Jameson and Tiffany Fillmore round out the lasses of "Back to the Yearning" through May 2nd.

(April 14-May 2) BACK TO THE YEARNING Three Victorian lassies hop into a DeLorean for some mind-bending time travel tonight through May 2 at the Smith Theatre in Columbia, Maryland. "On the Verge; or The Geography of Yearning" follows the trio through the terra incognita of human kind's most recent and recognizable moments in a comedic adventure.

(April 14-May28) WAKING LIFE Dreams come true at the Numark Gallery on E Street through the end of May in I Dream Awake. The ethereal meets the surreal in this eclectic collection of art, delving into the realm of dreams and unconscious reality.

(April 15-18) THE GREAT CASE And Silver Spring's ArtStream Inclusive Theatre Company develops productions that feature actors with disabilities, using techniques that cater to each cast member's unique talents. You can take part in their theatrical experience during the show What's the Frequency Johnny? The Great Case Caper Thursday through Sunday at the Round House Theatre in Silver Spring, as the greatest gangsters, flightiest flappers and spies of the jazz age take the stage.


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