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New Metro GM Faces Challenge With Budget Troubles

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Today was Sarles' first day as general manager of Metro, which is facing a multimillion dollar budget crisis.
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Today was Sarles' first day as general manager of Metro, which is facing a multimillion dollar budget crisis.

By David Schultz

Today, Sarles became the man in charge of more than 1,500 buses, 106 miles of railway track, and more than 1,100 train cars.

Before arriving in D.C., Sarles was the head of N.J. Transit, the bus and train agency in New Jersey.

Last year, N.J. Transit lost $62 million in funding from the state, and Sarles had to fill the gap. He did it without raising fares. Instead, he laid off N.J. Transit workers and made some reductions in service.`

Metro is currently facing a similar budget crisis. But it's one far larger than Sarles has ever encountered in his 25-year career. Metro's budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year is more than three times the size of the one Sarles filled last year in New Jersey.


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