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Emergency Drills Prepare Region for Worst

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The ill-fated bus awaits, as RFK Stadium towers above. A special crew will "stage" a small explosion inside to simulate a real emergency.
Stephanie Kaye
The ill-fated bus awaits, as RFK Stadium towers above. A special crew will "stage" a small explosion inside to simulate a real emergency.

Metro Transit Police, local responders and federal emergency crews took some time to learn a few hands-on lessons during a simulated bomb exercise at RFK Stadium.

Captain James Riley was out in the rain on behalf of Prince George's County Fire and EMS. "If the District had a mass casualty-type of incident or a major incident that needed additional resources in a real-life scenario, they would make a 'Mutual Aid Request' to us and we would muster a contingent of units somewhat like this."

Riley stands near a row of medical buses and mass-casualty support units. He looks like a small action-figure next to the massive red-and-white emergency vehicles and, he admits, it's good to get out and play with "the toys," saying, "You can talk about it all day long, but unless you actually break the equipment out and play with it, you don't really learn what the best practices are." Captain Riley says bombings like the ones on Moscow's subway system highlight the need for being ready at all times. Drills like these, he says, keep the surprises to a minimum.

Stephanie Kaye reports...


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