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Witness Heard "Pop" As Pentagon Shooting Began

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Officer Marvin Carraway Jr., 44, is one of two officers shot during last night's incident by the Pentagon Metro station.
Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Officer Marvin Carraway Jr., 44, is one of two officers shot during last night's incident by the Pentagon Metro station.

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) Dan Namisi emerged from the Pentagon Metro station, headed for a bus home, and heard a "pop."

He hit the ground to get out of harm's way as shooting erupted Thursday night between a gunman and Pentagon guards and he didn't see what happened. The next thing he knew, Namisi said officers swarmed over him and put handcuffs on him.

Two guards were shot and the shooter was mortally wounded.

Namisi says he was searched repeatedly, but officers didn't ask him many questions during the three hours they held him. He was shaken by the experience.

Namisi doesn't know why he was swept up in a search for evidence, but says there were few people outside the Pentagon at the time. He says he might have attracted attention because he cut one of his hands when he dropped to the ground and the hand was bloody.

Namisi, who is originally from Uganda, lives in Burke. He was headed home after a flight from Houston to Reagan National Airport.

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