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Route 7 May Still Pose Challenge To Pedestrians, Even With Metrorail

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Finding a good place to walk across Route 7 near Tysons Corner can be a challenge.
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Finding a good place to walk across Route 7 near Tysons Corner can be a challenge.

By Jonathan Wilson

The transformation of Tysons Corner, Virginia into a hub of public transit is underway, but even after Metrorail arrives, pedestrians may still face challenges.

Marcia McAllister, with the Dulles Metrorail project, says once Metrorail arrives in Tysons, crossing Route 7 on foot won't be nearly as nerve-wracking as it is right now.

McAllister says the road won't be any wider than it is now, if you count the access lanes, and, "We'll be putting 16- to 18-foot sidewalks on each side of the road," she says.

But Stewart Schwartz, with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, says the plan still calls for adding a lane in each direction, as well as turn lanes.

"Walking across ten lanes of traffic at rush hour will discourage any pedestrian," says Schwartz.

And Schwartz says making the area pedestrian friendly will increase Metro ridership.


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