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Road Hazards In Maryland

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By Elliott Francis

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports a record level of calls for roadside emergencies in the region. Today one motorist in Montgomery County, Maryland became part of that statistic.

Linda Kyle's gray mid-sized Chevy is neatly wedged at a 50 degree angle off a one lane road in Darnestown Maryland. "I'm fine," says Kyle. "I've got a bruise on my knee, but other than that, I'm fine."

This narrow stretch of Germantown road is well plowed, but the snow banks create a navigation challenge. Kyle says her slide off the road came out of nowhere. "I was going like this, and all of a sudden whooooo! That all that happened," says Kyle.

Kaitland Faigan was in the car behind Kyle and called 911. "She wasn't speeding but must have hit ice or something and went off," says Faigan. Soon emergency crews removed the car, and Kyle was picked up by a relative within the hour.

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