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More Snow Expected, Mayor Calls For Clear Streets

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As Washingtonians brace themselves for at least another foot of snow, D.C.'s Mayor Adrian Fenty is urging everyone to stay off the streets and let the city's 300 plows do their work.

Standing outside the Fort Reno Salt Dome this morning, Mayor Fenty said the city will keep plowing and salting around the clock. "This snow should end early tomorrow morning," he says, "with a 24-hour cleanup we should have a lot of streets ready by rush-hour Monday," says Fenty. "And then hopefully all those who have had to delay their Christmas and holiday shopping will be able to get it done between Monday and Wednesday."

Fenty also is urging people not to park on the city's emergency routes. Doing so could bring a $250 fine plus a $100 towing fee.

For more information on which streets are emergency routes in D.C. and what to do if your car has been towed, go to the DDOT website.

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