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Arlington County School Pulls Taliban Assignment

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By Kate Sheehy

A principal in Virginia's Arlington county has called off a debate assignment that asked students to represent views of the Taliban.

As part of a mock United Nations debate, students at Swanson Middle School were asked to represent different sides of various world conflicts, and one of those sides was that of the Taliban.

But the Washington Post reports after receiving complaints from concerned parents, Principal Chrystal Forrester decided to pull that part of the assignment, saying she, "...did not want controversy to undermine an opportunity for students to learn critical skills."

One parent tells the paper he didn't like the idea of his daughter browsing pro-Taliban sites for information. Another parent and educator is not happy with the decision though, and says students need to understand more than one side of such a crucial conflict.

The mock sessions will continue, addressing other disputes such as those between China and Taiwan and India and Pakistan.


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