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For Second Time This Year, Metro Trains Collide

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Several Metro stations on the Red, Blue and Orange Lines will be closed this weekend due to scheduled track work.
Several Metro stations on the Red, Blue and Orange Lines will be closed this weekend due to scheduled track work.

By David Schultz

A six car Metro train traveling at a low speed struck the back of another six-car train parked in a maintenance area. The collision injured three Metro workers and damaged all 12 cars involved.

Metro spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says this happened at 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning, just as the operator of the moving train was finishing a 10-hour shift.

"He was just on his normal shift," she says. "There is no normal amount or average amount of time somebody is on a shift."

Neither of the two trains had passengers because the collision occurred at the Falls Church Rail Yard in Northern Virginia.

Farbstein says when trains are in the rail yards and off the main tracks, they're operating without one of their safety mechanisms.

"When they are in their rail yard," she says, "They don't have something known as A.T.P. - Automatic Train Protection."

The three injured Metro workers were briefly hospitalized with minor injuries described as not life threatening.

Metro is investigating the cause of the accident.

Metro says it notified state and federal safety regulators of the collision early yesterday morning.

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