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D.C. Considers Looser Restrictions On Keeping Chickens

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A new proposal could make it easier for D.C residents to keep chickens.
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A new proposal could make it easier for D.C residents to keep chickens.

The D.C. Council is considering easing restrictions on raising chickens in the city.

Currently, it's illegal to have chickens within 50 feet of homes in the District. But D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells is proposing legislation to allow chickens if neighbors say it's all right.

Wells drafted the bill on behalf of a family in his district that had eight hens confiscated recently by animal control officers. The mother of that family tells the Washington Examiner they kept the birds as pets, but also because she says with two young children, they go through a dozen eggs a week.

Wells' bill would require would-be chicken keepers to get written consent from 80 percent of the households within 100 feet of the proposed coop. And if even one neighbor objects, the coop would have to go. The bill also requires annual permits and spells out sanitary requirements. Roosters would not be allowed under the legislation.

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