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Biden Tells Maryland Seniors Medicare Is Safe

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Vice President Joe Biden discusses health care reform with seniors at Leisure World retirement community in Silver Spring, MD.
Rebecca Sheir
Vice President Joe Biden discusses health care reform with seniors at Leisure World retirement community in Silver Spring, MD.

As the Obama administration continues its push to revamp health care, Vice President Joe Biden is trying to reassure seniors in our area that Medicare will be improved, not endangered.

Addressing a crowd at Leisure World retirement community, Biden stressed the decades he spent defending Medicare as a Senator. "The guys who were against it the last 20 years are now telling you the guys who were fighting for it the last thirty years are trying to get rid of it," said Biden.

Biden says the Democratic plan includes co-pay-free preventative care and discounted prescription drugs. But no "death panels," which he calls "a bunch of malarkey."

"I know this is Leisure World. But I also know you can fight like hell for the things that you believe in," said Biden. "And I know right now we need you to fight through the lies!"

Still, some seniors worry, like Elias Abi-Nader. "Certain members of Congress are trying to dilute and modify the health plan to where it doesn't work anymore," says Abi-Nader.

But Connie Blake, who attended Congressman Chris Van Hollen's health care meeting at Leisure World last month, has hope. "We're further along in the debate, I think we're going to get what we need," says Blake.

Biden says without reform now, the Medicare trust fund will be broke by 2017.

Rebecca Sheir reports...

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