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Pierre Stays in Race for Annapolis Mayor

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The first African-American woman to win the Democratic nomination for mayor of Annapolis has decided to stay in the race. Zina Pierre narrowly defeated Alderman Josh Cohen in the Democratic primary earlier this month. Her campaign announced Friday she was dropping out for personal reasons. But now according to the Baltimore Sun, she's back in. Pierre says it's because she received numerous calls and e-mails from supporters. She says she's staying in the race to fight for them. Her campaign announced her withdrawal amid questions about personal financial problems including a foreclosed home, bounced checks and state liens for unpaid income taxes.

Natalie Neumann has the details...


Once Outlaws, Young Lords Find A Museum Home For Radical Roots

Inspired by the Black Panthers, the Young Lords were formed in New York City by a group of Puerto Rican youth in 1969. Their history is now on display in a new exhibition.

Europe's Taste For Caviar Is Putting Pressure On A Great Lakes Fish

Scientists say lake herring, a key fish in Lake Superior's food web, is suffering because of mild winters and Europe's appetite for roe. Some say the species may be at risk of "collapse."
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A Congressional Attempt To Speed The Development Of Lifesaving Treatments

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the 21st Century Cures Act in a rare bi-partisan effort. The bill is meant to speed the development of lifesaving treatments, but critics warn it may also allow ineffective or even harmful drugs onto the market.


Debris In The Indian Ocean May Have Come From Vanished Airliner

A source tells NPR a piece of wing found on an island appears to be from a large passenger plane. Other media say sources link it to a Boeing 777 like the Malaysian jet that disappeared last year.

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