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    Bringing Home The Fallen

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    WATCH: Obama Reads 'Mean Tweets' — Including One From Trump

    President Obama returned to ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. He took 140-character admonishments for his dancing, his alleged condiment preferences and someone else's poor choice of conditioner.

    Dental Detectives: What Fossil Teeth Reveal About Ancestral Human Diets

    From the thickness of tooth enamel to the molecular signatures on a tooth left behind by foods eaten by a human, fossil teeth hold many clues to the diets of our ancestors.

    Two Weeks Out: Democrats Have The Edge In The Fight For The Senate

    States like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Missouri and North Carolina will be decisive, and they're all moving Democrats' way as Republicans are put further on the defensive by Donald Trump.

    Many 'Worn Out' By Campaign, Survey Of Social Media Users Shows

    A Pew Research Center survey says most Americans on social media are stressed out by online political interactions — and those feelings appear to be bipartisan.

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