News Archive - December 16, 2008

Secret Santa Drops Presents in Sterling

A mystery Santa Claus has delivered nearly 500 toys to a northern Virginia church.

U.S. Naval Academy Hoping to Boost Efforts to Attract Minority Students.

In Annapolis, the U.S. Naval Academy is hoping to boost efforts to attract minority students.

Cell Phone Companies Warn of Delays During Inauguration.

First, Inauguration planners warned there were no rooms left. Then they predicted roads and subways would be overwhelmed by the crush of visitors.

Baltimore Officials Says President-elect Obama Will Give Public Speech Enroute

Officials in Baltimore say President-elect Barack Obama plans to make a public speech in the city during his train trip to Washington three days before his inauguration.

Montgomery County Council President Wants Other County Workers To Give Up Raise

In Maryland's Montgomery County, teachers and support staff have agreed to give up yearly raises to help close a county budget shortfall.

DCPS Chancellor Says Secretary of Education Good Pick

The Chancellor of D.C.'s Public Schools, Michelle Rhee, says she thinks President-elect Barack Obama's pick for Education Secretary is a good choice.

Virginia's Electoral College Makes Election Official

Members of the Electoral College met yesterday in state capitols around the country.

Part Two: Truancy in D.C.

Even though school attendance is required by the law in D.C., approximately 20 percent of public and charter school children in the District have racked up more than 15 days of unexcused absences.