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Government officials say tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed over the U.S.-Mexico border from Central American since 2014. The D.C. region's strong Central American community grew by at least 7,000 children last year and this year, and experts estimate that the metro D.C. region will absorb between 2,000 to 4,000 more, stretching local resources.

Immigration reporter Armando Trull explored the roots of the crisis in his series Voices From El Salvador.

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Exhibit Shows Dolores Huerta's Life As Part Of The 'Backbone' Of America

The exhibit about the United Farm Workers activist is the first in the National Portrait Gallery's "One Life" series to be devoted to a Latina.

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Georgetown Scholar Studies Little-Known Detention Facilities For Immigrant Kids

Many of the Central American children who try crossing the U.S.-Mexico border have spent time in the U.S. government's detention facilities for undocumented immigrants.
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D.C. Immigrants Remain In Shadows While Reform Hits Roadblock

The administration's appeal to lift an injunction against his executive actions on immigration reform was denied. Consequently tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the metro D.C. area will continue to live in the shadows.
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African Immigration Trend Has A Strong Base In D.C. Area

Black immigration to the U.S. has long been dominated by people from places like Jamaica and Haiti, but that trend is changing, and the D.C. area is at the forefront of the new patterns, researchers say.

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For Latinas, Seeking Help For Domestic Abuse Is Often A Matter Of Friends First

Distrust of legal systems often prompts Latina victims of domestic violence to start with friends when trying to address abuse at the hands of a partner, a new study finds.

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To Stem Flow Of Unaccompanied Children, Hopes Turn To $1 Billion Aid Package

Central American leaders including Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez were in town this week to make their case for why an aid package may help halt the tide of unaccompanied minors across American borders at its source.

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As Immigration Case Hits Crucial Step, Activists Push Forward With Agenda

In the D.C. area, thousands of undocumented immigrants are awaiting the outcome of a federal appeals court case. In the meantime, activists are holding clinics to help those families navigate their legal situations.

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D.C. Area's Safety Net For Immigrant Children Is Stretched Thin, Report Says

Thousands of children who fled Central American violence have been relocated to the D.C. area, and this wave of immigration is seriously testing the resources of organizations that help such kids navigate life in the United States.

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Virginia Immigration Population Defies Stereotypes Amidst Debate On Deportation

While President Obama's plan to expand deferred action for undocumented immigrants has been held up in court for several months, experts have noted the economic contribution by Virginia's unusually diverse and education foreign-born population.

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In Maryland, Immigrant Youth Bind Books To Heal Trauma Of Leaving Home

An innovative program in Montgomery County — and a museum exhibit showing off the results — is allowing new Central American immigrants in Maryland to tell the stories of what made them leave their homelands.