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Government officials say tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed over the U.S.-Mexico border from Central American since 2014. The D.C. region's strong Central American community grew by at least 7,000 children last year and this year, and experts estimate that the metro D.C. region will absorb between 2,000 to 4,000 more, stretching local resources.

Immigration reporter Armando Trull explored the roots of the crisis in his series Voices From El Salvador.

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Bigger Money, Wider Focus For Program That Supports Region's Latino Nonprofits

A D.C. youth soccer team, an Arlington robotics program and several other Washington-area groups are benefiting from the Inter-American Development Bank's decision to consolidate its grant money for local Latino and Caribbean nonprofits.

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'I Wanted To Give Voice To Them' — Summer Program Spurs Theater About Race

Stark spotlights illuminate about a dozen teens. They shout out in groups: “I’m Latino, I’m black, I’m a woman, I’m mixed …” They're working on a play for the Paso Nuevo summer theater program, where D.C. youths find their voices on issues that matter to them.

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'Sad Day' Has Local Immigration Activists Looking To November And Beyond

A tie vote Thursday in the Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to an executive order by President Obama that would have allowed some 4 million undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation, including thousands in the Washington region.

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Montgomery County Police: Latino Youth Gang Violence On The Rise In Recent Months

Latino youth gang violence — including nine gang-related murders — has expanded alarmingly in Montgomery County over the past eight months, according to a new report from Montgomery County police.

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Episode 3: Filling The Information Vacuum

We talk to civic hackers who use WMATA's open data sources to share information about delays, accidents and more. The principal of a charter school with many non-native speakers of English talks about how language barriers can affect transit riders. And we ask: Is the latest Orange Line work boosting bike traffic in Arlington?

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Is Legal Status Requirement By A Landlord Discrimination? Fairfax Families File Suit

Four immigrant families in a Fairfax County mobile home park are taking their landlord to court over a requirement that they provide proof of legal status or face a big increase in rent.

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Opportunity To Earn Money Creates A Harsh Cycle For Many Immigrant Children

Some unaccompanied immigrant children have been exploited by traffickers, but many are forced to work simply because no one else is able to support them. Armando Trull talks to youths who are trying to overcome pressures of high school and nearly full-time employment.

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New Round Of Raids Could Spark Terror Among Central-American Immigrants

Local immigration activists are denouncing the ICE raids and bracing for a second wave of panic, similar to one sparked by raids in January.

Immigration To Renew Effort To Deport Central American Immigrant Families

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced a renewal of a controversial operation aimed at detaining and deporting Central American immigrant families who crossed into the country illegally.

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Critics Take DMV To Task For 'Separate But Not Equal' Driver's License Process For Undocumented Immigrants

D.C. began issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants back in 2014, but critics say the process is unfair because it puts them in a separate waiting list and not enough language resources are provided to help them pass.