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For Nonprofits Tackling Poverty, Collaboration Remains Important Hurdle

Of all the efficiencies created in trying to end poverty for good, the Padua Project may have made its biggest dent simply by getting organizations with the same mission to work together. 

How A D.C. Diversion Program Helps Get Young Lives Off The Ropes

The city-run Alternatives to the Court Experience program (ACE) is receiving an award today for the work they've done channeling the energy of at-risk kids like young Bernard into productive pursuits.

Chancellor Kaya Henderson Says She's Leaving D.C. Public Schools

Kaya Henderson, who has served as chancellor of D.C. Public Schools since late 2010, announced Wednesday that she is leaving the school system's top job.

Will FAA Change Flight Plans To Calm Jet Noise Over D.C. Neighborhoods?

Homeowners in neighborhoods like Georgetown and Foggy Bottom have complained about shifts in flight paths that have put veritable airplane highways above their heads. But is it a problem that can be fixed?

It's Official: If D.C. Becomes The 51st State, It Will Be Known As... New Columbia

If D.C. ever becomes the 51st state, it will officially be known as the State of New Columbia. And what's now the 13-member D.C. Council will become a 21-person House of Delegates.

Adnan Syed, Subject Of 'Serial' Podcast, Will Get A New Trial

Months after he was granted a hearing because of new evidence, Adnan Syed's 2000 murder conviction has been vacated. Syed's story was at the heart of the Serial podcast.

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"We are looking at that. We're looking at a lot of things," Donald Trump said Thursday, before quickly pivoting to border security.
Connecticut is the first state requiring police fill out a form when they use a stun gun. Research shows police used stun guns on black and Latino suspects at a higher rate than on white suspects.
The country, widely criticized for trafficking in its seafood industry, has made improvements, says the State Department report. But critics don't agree.
Iraq's Ministry of Defense released dramatic aerial footage apparently showing airstrikes hitting an ISIS convoy on Tuesday. Hundreds of the group's vehicles were reported destroyed in two operations.
Months after he was granted a hearing because of new evidence, Adnan Syed's 2000 murder conviction has been vacated. Syed's story was at the heart of the Serial podcast.
Future Shock by Alvin Toffler was a huge sensation when it was published in 1970. The book perfectly captured the angst of that time and prepared society for more changes to come.
NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Hans Kundnani of the German Marshall Fund of the United States about where the European Union goes from here post Brexit.
In the 1930s, the United States government was absorbed with a different kind of gun violence: prohibition-era gangsters using fully automatic weapons of war, with civilians often caught in the...
Archaeologists have discovered a tunnel dug by Jews to escape the Nazis in Lithuania — a sign of resistance in a land where 90 percent of the Jewish population perished during the Holocaust.
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Andrew Weiss, an expert on Central Asia at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, on the origins of the bombers responsible for Tuesday's attack in Turkey.
As Turkey claims the three bombers who killed at least 44 people Tuesday were from other countries, the country buries the dead, including several members of the same family from Saudi Arabia.
Lots of Olympic hopes are riding on 18-year-old, 6-foot-1-inch high jumper Vashti Cunningham. She just graduated from high school and went pro, signing a deal with Nike. She's coached by her father,...
Iraqi and U.S. forces claim to have killed hundreds of ISIS fighters and destroyed hundreds of their vehicles in a convoy moving across the desert.
NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Andrew Gimson, author of Boris: The Rise of Boris Johnson, about the flamboyant British politician and what his future holds now that he's taken himself out of...
The question of who will lead Britain into its post-European Union future just got thornier. The colorful Brexit supporter, Boris Johnson, a front-runner, pulled out of the race to succeed Prime...
There are now 47,000 homeless people in and around Los Angeles. The number of homeless women living on the streets has increased dramatically, and many are at risk of violence and sexual assault.
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