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D.C. Council Approves Rules Letting Public Access Video From Body-Worn Cameras

The D.C. Council on Tuesday gave initial approval to rules that give the press and public wide access to footage from body-worn cameras, paving the way for thousands more patrol officers to be outfitted with the cameras.

Proposal Seeks To Weaken Special Interests' Influence Over D.C. Elections

In the aftermath of the FreshPAC scandal, the D.C. Council is looking at ways to reduce the impact of high-dollar special interests on local elections. The answer, according to some legislators, is public financing.

Platform Crowding Puts Metro 'So Close To A Deadly Incident,' Says Complaint

The Federal Transit Administration is reviewing a rider complaint about dangerously overcrowded platforms on Metro — something that has happened more often with repeated track delays and train breakdowns.

Black Pastor Calls Trump Meeting A 'Get-Played Moment'

Trump had said he'd be endorsed by 100 black religious leaders at a Monday press conference. Instead, there was a 2 1/2-hour meeting, with requests for apologies — and Trump gave none.

Congress Strikes Deal On 5-Year Transportation Bill

For the first time in a decade, congressional leaders have reached a bipartisan agreement on a long-term bill to fix, maintain and expand the nation's roads, bridges, rails and mass transit.

Businesses Awaken To The Opportunities Of Action On Climate Change

Companies, once seen as an obstacle to or even an enemy of curbing emissions, now realize that tackling climate change can be good for their bottom line.

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In the aftermath of the FreshPAC scandal, the D.C. Council is looking at ways to reduce the impact of high-dollar special interests on local elections. The answer, according to some legislators, is...
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