DC Startup Forum: Rick Stamberger, Smart Growth from Smart Ideas
Founder and CEO of SmartBrief speaks at American University

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 @7:00pm

About the DC Startup Forum

The DC Startup Forum is an exciting new speaker series for media entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs co-sponsored by WAMU 88.5 and the American University School of Communication’s MA in Media Entrepreneurship.

Wondering how smart people make smart ideas happen? Come hear how Washington, D.C.’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are turning the region into a hotbed of young startups, tech innovations and new media businesses.

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About Rick Stamberger

Rick Stamberger is president and CEO of SmartBrief. He has spent much of his career at the intersection of business, public policy and the not-for-profit sector. Before his work at SmartBrief, Stamberger was a founding partner of Quest Partners LLC, a management consultancy based in Boston. Quest developed the wireless industry's first online information service. He also served as executive vice president and a director of a Washington, D.C.-based technology firm owned by nine cable television companies and NBC. Rick began his career in Washington with the National Cable Television Association.

Video of the event