Election 2012

Virginia Election News

Data From Loyalty Oath Could Give Virginia GOP An Edge — If They Can Get It

Supporters of Donald Trump have criticized a proposed loyalty oath for Republican primary voters because it would discourage independents — but the real price for the GOP could be the trove of voter data it could provide.

Allison Silberberg Sworn In As Alexandria Mayor, Makes Ethics Her Priority

Allison Silberberg was sworn in as Alexandria mayor yesterday and promised to follow through on her campaign promise to make ethics and transparency a key part of her policy agenda.

Maryland Election News

When One Pick Isn't Enough: County Considers Ranked Choice Voting Proposal

As part of an effort to increase voter turnout, Montgomery County lawmakers are looking at introducing ranked choice voting for rare instances when there is a special election for certain countywide positions.

For Md. Counties, New Voting Machines And Expectations Of Higher Turnout

Officials in two Maryland counties are starting a public education campaign on the new voting machines to be used for next year's election. The hope is that they'll go to good use, given the presidential race and some hotly contested congressional seats.

DC Election News

Former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray On The Future Of The Nation's Capital

Kojo sits down with former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray to explore the future of the nation's capital.

Vincent Gray Could Make Convincing Case For D.C. Council Comeback, Poll Finds

Vincent Gray was ultimately not charged in a federal investigation into his 2010 mayoral campaign — and a new poll suggests the former mayor may have an opening to renew his political career in the District.

National Election News

4 Things The New Hampshire Primary Will Tell Us

Did Rubio do serious damage during Saturday's debate? Does Trump need a better ground game? Will Sanders ride a huge win into other states? And how many more Republicans will leave the race?

These Are The New Hampshire Towns To Watch On Primary Night

Republicans will be looking at the southern part of the state, while Democrats will be fighting it out in college communities and blue-collar towns.