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Sharon Rae Pettigrew

Senior News Editor

Pettigrew started her radio career in 1988 while a student at Michigan State University.

Pettigrew worked as a news director, anchor, editor, reporter, morning-show sidekick, DJ and sports producer at WTOP and Sirius XM Radio in Washington; WFLS in Fredericksburg, Va.; WITL, WBHR and WXIK in Lansing, Mich.; and WRKR and WKZO in Kalamazoo, Mich.

While living in Michigan, she started her own business, Rover News Services, freelancing for ABC Radio and The Michigan News Network.

Pettigrew also served as the managing editor of Falls Church-based Radio World Newspaper, from 1997-2003.

She lives in Alexandria with her husband, son, two little dogs, and one emergency backup dog.

Articles Written by Sharon Rae Pettigrew

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Watermen have caught two bull sharks at the mouth of the Potomac River. John "Willy'' Dean caught the 8-foot, male sharks weighing about 220 pounds each in nets this week near Point Lookout State Park at the tip of St. Mary's County. They were found about 200 yards from a spot where people were swimming. The feat comes three years after Dean caught the first bull shark recorde...
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The Smithsonian's National Zoo is adding three new female Asian elephants to its herd. The elephants are on loan from the Calgary Zoo in Canada, which is in the process of relocating its elephants. Their move to Washington is being underwritten by philanthropist David Rubenstein, who contributed $2 million. It's the second major gift to the zoo from Rubenstein, who al...
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The National Zoo says it's on 24-hours-a-day panda watch as a female giant panda shows behavioral changes consistent with a pregnancy or pseudopregnancy. Volunteer behavior watchers have been monitoring Mei Xiang via panda cams all day and night since Aug. 7. Keepers say Mei Xiang is very lethargic, eating less and shredding bamboo for her nest. Zoo officials say the panda ...
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A spike in Heroin deaths has Montgomery County Police reaching out to other jurisdictions to warn of the increase in drug activity. At least seven overdose deaths have been directly attributed to heroin since March of this year. Montgomery County Police Detectives are calling the increase "alarming." These seven incidents equal the total number of heroin overdose de...
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The Pentagon is moving to ease the pain of mandatory, unpaid furloughs that civilian employees have had to bear because of budgetary pressures. Defense officials are working to to cut the number of furlough days from 11 to 6. Defense officials say the Pentagon found sufficient savings in the final months of the current fiscal year to lessen the burden on those who have had to ...
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A woman who gave birth to a baby boy on a Metro platform in downtown D.C. is getting a surprise baby gift—a free ride of sorts. On Thursday Metro General Manager Richard Sarles sent a handwritten congratulatory note to Shavonnte Taylor, who gave birth to a baby boy on the platform of the L'Enfant station that morning. The note was accompanied by a $100 SmarTrip card. ...
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The Maryland Transportation Authority says the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore and the Nice Bridge between Carroll County, Md. and King George County, Va., are among those getting new cameras, lighting and sensors to detect stopped vehicles. Work on the year-and-a-half-long project is expected to begin soon.MDOT authorities say the contract for the technology-ba...