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Matt Bush


Bush is the Maryland reporter for WAMU. He can be found most of the time on the job in Annapolis, Rockville, or Upper Marlboro covering state and county governments. He's a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Point Park College in downtown Pittsburgh

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A top state senator in Virginia believes President-elect Barack Obama may be the force that finally gets new transportation funding passed in the General Assembly.A new economic stimulus package is expected to be one of the first things passed by Congress once Mr. Obama moves into the White House. Money for road projects will likely be included in such a plan. Richard Saslaw, t...
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In Maryland's Montgomery County, teachers and support staff have agreed to give up yearly raises to help close a county budget shortfall.The president of the county council would like to see other workers follow suit.Phil Andrews says the county has 33,000 workers, 22,000 of whom work in the school system. Their decision to forgo their yearly cost of living increase save...
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U.S. Postal officials say today will be the busiest mailing day of the year.They say they expect to handle a billion fewer holiday packages and cards this year nationwide because of the lagging economy.Yverne Moore is the postmaster for D.C. Moore says customers at post offices in Washington may find the lines a little shorter this holiday season, because there's a 13 p...