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Ally Schweitzer

Reporter, editor and web producer

Schweitzer is a reporter, editor, and web producer for WAMU 88.5. She writes news, updates, and edits the station's music website, Bandwidth. Prior to WAMU, Schweitzer worked at Washington City Paper,, and the Washington Post.

Articles Written by Ally Schweitzer

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After costly federal government requirements forced organizers to cancel the Fort Reno concert series, the popular summer event is back on. Fans of local rock music were devastated last week when Fort Reno organizers announced the news: the series was being canceled for the first time i...
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A popular D.C. summer concert series has been cancelled for the first time in more than 40 years. The Fort Reno concert series has taken over the federally controlled park in Tenleytown every summer since 1968. But this year, organizers say U.S. Park Police requirements are forcing them to call off the series. According to organiz...
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Take a walk through the District’s streets during a snow emergency, and you’ll get a sense of who the city’s essential staff are. People who serve coffee are high on the list. Sami Antoine, manager at Dupont Circle’s Soho Tea and Coffee, says he’s been working bad-weather days at the neighborhood café for years. “I’m one of those energizer things. I come in ev...