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The Animal House is a weekly discussion that explores the latest in animal science, pet behavior, and wildlife conservation.
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Pets And Wildlife With Dr. Katy Nelson

Sat, 2014-10-18 17:28

Finding the Proper Footing For A Feline: A 6 year old rescue Siamese cat named Pi has trouble standing on its front paws. Her caretaker asks Dr. Katy for a possible explanation. A Cat Habit That’s Hard To Break: In Maryland, a 13 year old male tabby named Bear is repeatedly rejecting the litterbox, preferring instead to use the same spot on the floor in another room of the house. Music: “Purus River” by Uakti; “Beetles” by Warpaint. Production Assistance: Natalie Yuravlivker, Meghan Modafferi, Alex Drewenskus

Avian Assistance For Alzheimer Patients

Sat, 2014-10-18 17:12

Bird Tales is a revolutionary effort that uses interactions with birds to provide therapy for people suffering from various forms of dementia. The program is rapidly migrating from its Connecticut roots to cities across the country. We speak with it's administrator, Ken Elkins, of Audubon Connecticut. Lawn Mooing: The town council in Havering, England recently decided to turn to cows instead of lawnmowers to keep parks and other green spaces neat and trim. The council estimates it can milk $500,000 of savings out of the budget over the next decade. Marco Werman of PRI’s The World speaks with town council member Roger Beecroft. The Loh Down on Science with Sandra Tsing Loh: Do Cows Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome? Music: “Mountain” by Uakti. Production Assistance: Natalie Yuravlivker, Meghan Modafferi, Alex Drewenskus

Pets And Wildlife With Dr. Katy Nelson

Sat, 2014-10-18 17:02

CAT Scan for Canine? A San Diego dog named Comet, is behaving normally but has a mysterious lump on its body. The pet’s caretaker asks Dr. Katy Nelson if a CAT-Scan should be considered. Searching For the Proper Treatment: A family’s recent to move to the Washington DC area means finding a new place to get the right medication for their sick feline. Dr. Katy has a few suggestions. Bird Note: The Ring-Necked Pheasant is profiled. Music: “Purus River” by Uakti.

Crustacean Invasion

Sat, 2014-10-18 16:46

The Red Swamp Crayfish is a common ingredient for gumbo and jambalaya that was moved from its natural habitat in the Southeastern U.S. to the waters of the Pacific Northwest a decade ago, most likely to be used as fish bait. But the species has thrived there and scientists are concerned that its increasing presence is seriously upsetting the region’s ecological balance. Ashley Ahearn of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Earthfix project has details. Dr. K’s Exotic Animal E.R.: Dr. Susan Kelleher’s work as owner and chief veterinarian of a South Florida animal care facility has earned her international praise, unusual patients and a new reality show on the Nat Geo Wild television network. We go behind the scenes to find out why Dr. K is known as the exotic animal’s best friend. Music: “Madeira River” & “Arrumcao” by Uakti

Pets And Wildlife With Dr. Katy Nelson

Sat, 2014-10-11 17:28

A Dog That Likes To Rock and Roll: In Springfield, Virginia a 5 year old black Lab named Indi has developed a bizzare habit of looking in the woods and pushing rocks. Would find the biggest rock 5 times the size of his head and push it as far as he can, at least 20-25 ft. Cat Tale: An 8 year old feline in Charlottesville, Virginia had her tail bitten off as a kitten. Her caretaker wants advice on getting it bobbed.

The Perilous Life Of A Professional Honeybee

Sat, 2014-10-11 17:12

There are two types of honeybees – those you see playing among the flowers in your yard and those that have to work for a living, in commercial beehives. For them it is a life full of many hazards. Cassandra Profita of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s EarthFix project tells a story about the perilous life of a professional honeybee. New Bird Book Leaves The Nest: It’s a book that bird lovers across the country have waited for with great anticipation; National Geographic’s 743 page guide to the birds of North America. The volume was released recently with over 4000 illustrations, 180 color photos covering over 1000 species. It’s author, National Geographic bird expert Jonathan Alderfer joins us with a few highlights.

Pets And Wildlife With Dr. Katy Nelson

Sat, 2014-10-11 17:02

Helping a Feline Find the Box: Dr. Katy helps a Baltimore, Maryland cat named Johnny who is disregarding the litterbox when seeking relief. Using Flea Preventative For Bedbugs? A man in Norwich, NY recently discovered he had a bed bug infestation and he wants to know if Frontline will protect his cat. Bed bug expert Dr. Catherine Loudon of the University of California, Irvine offers advice.

Fruit Bats and Ebola

Sat, 2014-10-11 16:46

Scientists tracking the aggressive spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa have uncovered a relationship to common species of bat. Marco Werman of PRI’s The World learns more about the connection from Dr. DeeAnn Reeder, a professor of biology at Bucknell University. More than 100 years ago, the world said goodbye to its last passenger pigeon. But this year, a new global art project is using origami to memorialize the lost species and encourage new conservation efforts by . We find out more about Fold The Flock: The Passenger Pigeon Origami Project from Andrew Stern of the Lost Bird Project.