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Rebecca Frankel: "War Dogs"

10 hours 20 min ago

Canines have been serving in the military for generations, but one journalist says they are undervalued. Why dogs are still our best defense against improvised explosive devices and provide vital support to our troops.

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The Latest On National And International Efforts To Address The Ebola Crisis

11 hours 20 min ago

As Ebola continues to spread in West Africa, President Barack Obama has stepped up efforts to address the crisis. The latest developments here and abroad, tracking those who were exposed and the debate over travel bans.

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Friday News Roundup - International

Fri, 2014-10-17 11:06

The U.N. says the world is failing to contain Ebola in West Africa, stepped-up coalition airstrikes in the battle against ISIS on a Syrian border town and new concerns about sagging global economic growth: Please join us to discuss the week's top international news stories.

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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Fri, 2014-10-17 10:06

The CDC director faces questions on Capitol Hill about U.S. Ebola preparedness. Courts weigh in on voter ID laws in two states. And a volatile week for the stock market. A panel of journalists joins guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top national news stories.

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Colm Toibin: "Nora Webster: A Novel"

Thu, 2014-10-16 11:06

The best-selling author of "Brooklyn" and "The Last Testament of Mary" talks with guest host Susan Page about his latest novel. It's the portrait of a young widow, her family, and the small Irish town that confines her.

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Update On Civil Rights Protests In Ferguson, Mo., And Their Political Implications

Thu, 2014-10-16 10:06

Two months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, there’s a new wave of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. An update on the civil rights protests and their political implications.

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Suki Kim: "Without You, There Is No Us"

Wed, 2014-10-15 11:06

A Korean-American journalist gets a job teaching English to the sons of North Korea's elite. Her memoir offers an unprecedented peek inside the world's most mysterious country.

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Calls For A Strengthened Approach In The Fight Against Ebola

Wed, 2014-10-15 10:06

A growing number of public health experts are calling for a broader and more coordinated approach in the fight against Ebola. Diane and her guests discuss efforts to boost training for health care workers, treatment protocols and disease surveillance.

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Leon Panetta: "Worthy Fights: A Memoir Of Leadership In War And Peace"

Tue, 2014-10-14 11:06

The former CIA director and defense secretary on his new memoir.

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The Global Economic Slowdown And What It Means For The U.S. Recovery

Tue, 2014-10-14 10:06

As U.S. job growth picks up, many parts of the world are in an economic slowdown. Policymakers at home and abroad are divided on what to do. The global slowdown and what it means for the U.S. recovery.

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Danny Aiello: "I Only Know Who I Am When I'm Somebody Else"

Mon, 2014-10-13 11:06

Academy Award-nominated actor Danny Aiello reflects on his childhood and life on stage and screen. How he broke into the acting world at age 40 and his work on more than 85 films, including "Moonstruck" and "Do The Right Thing."

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The Pope, The Synod And The Future Of The Catholic Church

Mon, 2014-10-13 10:06

Pope Francis has brought together bishops from around the world to talk about issues like birth control, divorce and the celibacy of priests. A discussion on the Roman Catholic synod convening in Rome and the struggle for the heart of the Church.

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Friday News Roundup - International

Fri, 2014-10-10 11:06

Turkey rejects unilateral ground operations against ISIS. Ebola cases appear in the U.S. and Spain. And North Korea's leader has been out sight for five weeks. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Fri, 2014-10-10 10:06

Ebola screening begins at U.S. airports. The Supreme Court refuses to rule on same-sex marriage. And midterm races heat up. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top national news stories.

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Yochi Dreazen: "The Invisible Front"

Thu, 2014-10-09 11:06

The military’s suicide rate jumped more than 80 percent between 2002 and 2009. One military family who lost a son to suicide and another to combat in Iraq is trying to change that. A new book about one family’s fight to transform the military’s approach to mental illness.

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A Conversation With Gen. Wesley Clark

Thu, 2014-10-09 10:06

A conversation with Gen. Wesley Clark on his vision for a new direction in American leadership, and what it will take to move the U.S. away from its focus on war.

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Katha Pollitt: "Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights"

Wed, 2014-10-08 11:06

One in three American women will have an abortion by age 45. Yet, even 40 years after Roe v. Wade, the issue remains contentious. Feminist author Katha Pollitt on why she thinks it’s time to re-frame the debate over abortion.

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Pivotal Races To Watch In The Midterms And Why

Wed, 2014-10-08 10:06

With a month to go before midterm elections, Republicans are making gains in their bid to retake the Senate. Which midterm races to watch and what the results could mean for immigration, tax reform and social programs.

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Environmental Outlook: Michele Raffin's "The Birds Of Pandemonium: Life Among The Exotic & The Endangered"

Tue, 2014-10-07 11:06

The act of saving an injured dove nearly 20 years ago put Michele Raffin on a path from naive bird rescuer to accomplished breeder and conservationist. In a new book, she describes how that journey resulted in a backyard aviary that houses more than 350 exotic birds, representing 40 species.

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Cyber Attacks & The Growing Challenge Of Protecting Personal And Business Data

Tue, 2014-10-07 10:06

Two states' attorneys general are investigating JPMorgan Chase for its response to a cyberattack that compromised the data of 76 million households. Details on the largest U.S. breach ever and the challenges of safeguarding personal and business data.

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