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Updated: 41 min 11 sec ago

VIDEO: Carter: 'Little progress' on Mid-East peace

Thu, 2014-04-03 18:04
Former US President Jimmy Carter told the BBC that the five presidents who served after him could have done more to make progress toward Middle East peace.

VIDEO: Saturn moon hides 'great lake'

Thu, 2014-04-03 17:58
The evidence for an ocean of water under the surface of one of Saturn's moons is overwhelming, according to scientists. Pallab Ghosh reports.

US TV host Letterman to retire

Thu, 2014-04-03 17:40
Veteran US late-night TV host David Letterman is to retire in 2015, broadcaster CBS has announced.

EU launches flagship space project

Thu, 2014-04-03 17:30
The European Union begins the roll-out of its multi-billion-euro series of Earth-observation satellites called Sentinels.

VIDEO: 'Police snipers' shot Kiev activists

Thu, 2014-04-03 17:17
Ukraine's special police were behind the killings of dozens of anti-government protesters in Kiev in February, an initial government inquiry finds.

Russia: Ukrainians 'planned terror'

Thu, 2014-04-03 17:05
Russia's Federal Security Service detains 25 Ukrainians it accuses of planning terrorist attacks around last month's Crimean referendum.