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Bangladesh bloggers killed for their beliefs

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:40
The three bloggers hacked to death in Bangladesh since the start of the year were all known for their anti-fundamentalist writing. The BBC profiles them.

VIDEO: Can Thailand solve migrant problem?

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:37
Jonathan Head considers Thailand's options for dealing with a surge in migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

VIDEO: Live: John Kerry news briefing

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:28
US Secretary of State John Kerry holds a news briefing during his visit to Russia.

Iraq War trips up yet another Bush

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:27
Jeb Bush says that 'knowing what we know now' he would still support the 2003 invasion of Iraq. But after sharp criticism, an aide says he didn't understand the question.

Human genes 'change with seasons'

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:23
The seasons appear to have a profound effect on how human genes work, according to scientists.

What Britain wants from Europe

Tue, 2015-05-12 11:14
David Cameron is ready to start renegotiating the terms of Britain's EU membership ahead of a referendum, but what does the UK prime minister want from Europe?

Obama chooses Chicago for library

Tue, 2015-05-12 10:54
President Obama's foundation makes it official: library and presidential center will be on Chicago's South Side.

Estonia volunteers save 20,000 frogs

Tue, 2015-05-12 10:41
Volunteers in Estonia help to escort nearly 20,000 frogs across dangerous roads during the annual spring migration.

VIDEO: 'I was nearly swept away by rubble'

Tue, 2015-05-12 10:23
A relief volunteer working in damaged buildings in Nepal describes the moment the most recent earthquake hit.

Bale agent talks too much - Ancelotti

Tue, 2015-05-12 10:14
Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti tells Gareth Bale's agent to "stay quiet" after saying the Welshman was not being passed to.

EE tops consumer telecoms complaints

Tue, 2015-05-12 09:57
EE is named as the most complained-about phone and broadband provider.

The complex world of art sales

Tue, 2015-05-12 09:52
A record price has been paid for Picasso's Women of Algiers, but how do these high-profile auctions work?

'Puppy cuddles' for anxious students

Tue, 2015-05-12 09:47
A puppy room to "aid relaxation and calmness" is offered to stressed students at the University of Bristol.

Katy Watson: How inequality limits reproductive rights

Tue, 2015-05-12 09:31
The BBC's Katy Watson reports on how inequality affects women's reproductive rights in Latin America.

'Gay sailor' sign to repel submarines

Tue, 2015-05-12 09:23
A peace group drops a neon 'gay sailor' sign into Swedish waters to repel suspected Russian submarines.

VIDEO: Why El Nino might cause 'substantial weather'

Tue, 2015-05-12 08:57
Forecasters say that the weather pattern known as El Nino has been forming and could cause a "substantial weather event".

Court suspends Satyam boss sentence

Tue, 2015-05-12 08:51
A court in India suspends the sentence handed down to former head of Satyam Computers B Ramalinga Raju over a huge corruption scandal.

Corfu deaths 'unlawful killings'

Tue, 2015-05-12 08:51
The coroner at an inquest into the death of two children from carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu says conclusion must be unlawful killing.

Jamie's website hacked a third time

Tue, 2015-05-12 08:44
The website of British TV chef, Jamie Oliver has been hit for a third time by malware that potentially infects users' computers

Housing estate makes Turner shortlist

Tue, 2015-05-12 08:37
A housing estate in Toxteth and an opera inspired by the violence of cartoons are among the works shortlisted for 2015's Turner Prize.