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Updated: 1 hour 25 min ago

'Iran aiding Iraq' with fighter jets

Wed, 2014-07-02 08:48
Strong evidence emerges suggesting Iran has supplied Iraq with Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" aircraft to help it try to halt the Isis offensive.

Could Tourette's syndrome make a goalkeeper better?

Wed, 2014-07-02 08:38
Tim Howard's World Cup goalkeeping was widely praised. Did his Tourette's syndrome help?

China restricts Ramadan fasting

Wed, 2014-07-02 08:37
Several government departments in China's far western region of Xinjiang ban Muslim staff from fasting during the month of Ramadan.

VIDEO: Storm Arthur threatens east coast USA

Wed, 2014-07-02 08:09
The first tropical storm of the North Atlantic Hurricane season has formed around the east coast of Florida. Peter Gibbs explains more.

Film academy sues over Oscar auction

Wed, 2014-07-02 08:07
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sues the family of art director Joseph Wright over the sale of his Oscar for 1942's My Gal Sal.

Abdullah 'would accept' vote defeat

Wed, 2014-07-02 07:56
Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah says he would respect his rival winning, but only if June's vote is proved to have been fair.

Major stem-cell findings retracted

Wed, 2014-07-02 07:45
Research reporting one of the biggest "breakthroughs" in stem-cell science has been withdrawn after "critical errors" were discovered.

Firefighters to join one-day strike

Wed, 2014-07-02 07:43
Firefighters in England and Wales will join a one-day strike by public sector workers on 10 July, the Fire Brigades Union announces.

South Africa's Impey fails drugs test

Wed, 2014-07-02 07:11
Daryl Impey, who briefly led the Tour de France last year, is suspended by his team after failing a drugs test.

VIDEO: Blast-off for Nasa CO2 satellite

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:58
Nasa has launched a mission dedicated to measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) from space.

The search for Samantha Lewthwaite

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:56
The search for 7/7 bomber's wife, Samantha Lewthwaite

ISPs take legal action against GCHQ

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:56
Internet service providers from several countries are taking the UK intelligence agency to task over alleged illegal network intrusion.

VIDEO: Police and guns on Tinder

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:42
Should police pose on dating sites with their weapons?

Chikungunya cases rise in Caribbean

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:36
There has been a sharp increase in the number of suspected cases of the mosquito-born chikungunya virus in the Caribbean, health officials say.

Syria chemical arms moved to US ship

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:33
Material from Syria's chemical weapons programme is transferred to a US naval ship in Italy, in the final phases in the destruction of the arsenal.

Isis demands Iraq rebels' allegiance

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:20
The jihadist militant group Isis tells other Sunni rebel groups in Iraq that they must swear allegiance and give up arms.

British MEPs in angry Europe debate

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:14
Angry exchanges involving British MEPs mark the first debate of the newly-elected European Parliament.

French police disband migrant camps

Wed, 2014-07-02 06:13
Police in the French port of Calais clear makeshift camps occupied by migrants from Africa and the Middle East who are trying to get to Britain.

VIDEO: First look at new aircraft carrier

Wed, 2014-07-02 05:57
Jonathan Beale takes a look around the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier ahead of her naming ceremony.

Brittan 'gave dossier to officials'

Wed, 2014-07-02 05:49
Lord Brittan says he asked officials to "look carefully" at a "paedophile dossier" handed to him when he was home secretary in the 1980s.