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Diane Rehm
Diane Rehm,
host and executive producer, The Diane Rehm Show

Kojo Nnamdi
Kojo Nnamdi, host,
The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Rebecca Sheir
Rebecca Sheir, host,
Metro Connection

Sam Litzinger
Sam Litzinger, host,
The Animal House

Rob Bamberger
Rob Bamberger, host,
Hot Jazz Saturday Night

Ed Walker
Ed Walker, host,
The Big Broadcast

Matthew McClesky
Matt McCleskey, host,
Morning Edition on WAMU 88.5


Pat Brogan
Pat Brogan, host,
All Things Considered on WAMU 88.5

Mary Cliff
Mary Cliff, host,
Traditions with Mary Cliff


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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, April 23

You can liven up your step with some funky, reggae music or dance like you’re the only person riding the Metro.


Fast-Food CEOs Earn Supersize Salaries; Workers Earn Small Potatoes

A new report finds that the average compensation of fast-food CEOs has quadrupled since 2000. By comparison, worker wages have increased less than 1 percent.
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McDonnell Legal Defense Fund Has Raised $150,000 This Year

The legal defense fund for Bob and Maureen McDonnell has raised nearly $150,000 during the first quarter this year, including several thousand from former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


The Price War Over The Cloud Has High Stakes For The Internet

Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others are competing to be the main landlords of the cloud. Their terms and prices could control who gets to build what on the Internet, and for how much.