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Obama, Hollande Say They Will Expand Attacks Against ISIS In Syria, Iraq

French President François Hollande was at the White House trying broaden an international coalition to fight the Islamic State.

D.C. Moving Forward On Plan To Close D.C. General Homeless Shelter

D.C. officials say they will soon announce the location of between six and eight shelters to replace the troubled homeless family shelter at D.C. General.

How Should D.C. Commemorate Marion Barry? Commission Offers 4 Suggestions

Marion Barry died one year ago this week, and a city commission is now recommending that D.C.'s "mayor for life" be remembered with a statue or by having a local school renamed after him.

U.S. Transportation Secretary On Metro: Safety First, Expansion Later

Praising the hiring of Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said it was an "encouraging sign" on improving safety, which will have to be addressed before expansion fans are considered.

Flipper Fined: Developer To Pay $300K Over Shoddy Construction Complaints

A Virginia developer who renovated and resold homes in revitalizing D.C. neighborhoods has agreed to pay a $301,500 fine for hundreds of construction violations on close to two-dozen properties she worked on.

Virginia Should Scale Back 'Standards Of Learning' Tests, Recommends Committee

In the wake of a backlash, education leaders in Virginia are trying to rethink how the state approaches its Standards of Learning standardized tests, including reducing the length of tests and revising graduation requirements.

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D.C. officials say they will soon announce the location of between six and eight shelters to replace the troubled homeless family shelter at D.C. General.
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