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After 20 Years, Are Charters And DCPS Learning To Get Along?

When charter schools first opened in D.C. 20 years ago, the idea was that the competition would force the city's public school system to improve. But that competition is slowly being replaced by a spirit of cooperation with D.C. Public Schools.

D.C. Takes Homes From Developer, Plans To Turn Them Into Affordable Housing

Six D.C. homes owned by a Virginia developer have been taken by the D.C. government and will be converted into affordable housing.

How Many Times Were You Late? Metro Is Keeping Track Of It Just For You

If you log into your SmarTrip account, you'll notice that Metro has started providing individualized trip analysis. It's called MyTripTime, and it measures the time from when you tap in, to when you tap out.

The 10,000th Syrian Refugee Is Set To Arrive In The U.S. This Week

This will fulfill a goal set by the Obama administration one years ago. A group of several hundred refugees will depart from Jordan in the next day, bound for California and Virginia.

D.C. Is Full Of Tiny, Obscure Parks. Can The NPS Keep Up With Them?

In D.C., the National Park Service manages nearly 7,000 acres of public land — and some say the agency struggles to get the job done.

Turmoil At D.C. Agency After Disputes With Prominent Contractor, Campaign Contributor

The head of the D.C. Department of General Services has resigned and two top staffers are being forced out after a company that has been a key contributor to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s campaigns lost out on two major city construction contracts, sources tell WAMU 88.5.

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Turnover at a major D.C. government department is raising questions about local businesses, political contributions and influence in city politics.
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Investigators say the perpetrators rammed a car through a gate at Belgium's national crime institute and then set a fire in the lab.
If you log into your SmarTrip account, you'll notice that Metro has started providing individualized trip analysis. It's called MyTripTime, and it measures the time from when you tap in, to when you...
The bombing struck the southern city of Aden, the temporary home of Yemen's government. An ISIS-affiliated news outlet says the attack targeted a military recruitment center.
The British network shut down for one hour Saturday morning. It was part of a national event aimed at boosting Britons' fitness levels. Some claimed the blackout was the network's finest programming.
When the British Olympic team landed back after Rio, they quickly realized at baggage claim that their patriotism had a downside. There were rows of bright red suitcases.
Federal audits of 37 Medicare Advantage health plans cited 35 for overbilling the government. Many plans, for example, claimed patients with depression or diabetes were sicker than they actually were...
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