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LISTEN: 'Ka-blam!' — Lightning Talk With The Capital Weather Gang

Does "heat lightning" really exist? Where's the best place to go when you hear thunder? Angela Fritz of The Capital Weather Gang explains the science behind lightning to WAMU 88.5's Jonathan Wilson.

Bill Clinton Makes The Case For The 'Best Darn Change-Maker' He Has Met

The former president painted a portrait of Hillary Clinton as a fighter who works relentlessly to make the world better.
The Kojo Nnamdi Show

D.C.'s Role At The Democratic National Convention

Despite a bumpy opening day at the Democratic National Convention, D.C. statehood advocates are celebrating the first Democratic platform supporting D.C. statehood in more than decade.

Obama Opens Doors to More Central American Refugees

The administration — hoping refugees will not flood the southern border — is expanding a program that helps refugees, including minors, to reunite with their families in the U.S.

D.C. Prepares To Draft A Sweeping 'Cultural Plan' For The City

Can the arts become a bigger part of the overall development agenda for the nation's capital? D.C.'s government and insiders from its arts community want to make the city more attractive to creative people and industries — and they're working on an official plan for it.

Five More Metro Workers Disciplined In July 5 Red Signal Violation

Written reprimands, suspensions and the demotion of a supervisor are among the actions taken by General Manager Paul Wiedefeld, according to a memo to employees. A train operator already has been fired in the incident.

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Melting ice has made it harder to hunt walrus, a traditional staple for Native Alaskans. Warmer temps mean caribou aren't where hunters used to find them. It all adds up to more food insecurity.
Bill Clinton contrasted the "real" woman he knows and the "cartoon" version sketched by critics at the Republican convention last week — congratulating the Democratic delegates on choosing the former.
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President Obama hopes to "pass the baton" to Hillary Clinton — not just because he supports her but because a Republican president could reverse some of his signature initiatives.
A Clinton win means that the president's policy legacy is kept intact, but a Trump victory makes the election all about a backlash to Obama's tenure.
The tragic death of the vice president's son derailed his own hopes for the White House. But he once had better approval ratings than Clinton and may have been a more competitive nominee.
The Summer Games in Brazil are days away, but at least half of the Olympic village — the luxury accommodation where the athletes are staying — has had to undergo last-minute repairs, officials say.
Most critics of Turkey's president are silent these days, but the few who are talking say the ongoing crackdown is just an acceleration of the ruling party's policy for at least the past year.
As Democrats formally nominated Hillary Clinton, some Bernie Sanders supporters walked out of the convention in protest. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been mocking disunity in the Democratic Party.
The city of Chicago has made payouts to several dozen men who were tortured into confessions by police officers decades ago. We examine what receiving the money has meant to the men.
When President Obama takes the stage tonight at the Democratic convention, he looks to give Hillary Clinton's candidacy a boost. But for Obama, his legacy is also at stake in the 2016 campaign.
Much of the United Kingdom's economy relies on European labor. After the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union, what will happen to millions of EU residents who now work in the U.K.?
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