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Pro-Transit Group Attacks D.C. Traffic Congestion Report As Deeply Flawed

The study ranks the D.C. region as the worst for time spent sitting in traffic. Transit advocates say that the results shouldn't be taken as an argument for more car capacity on the roads.

LISTEN: Gang Power Inside And Outside of Prisons In El Salvador

In his latest update from Central America, WAMU 88.5's Armando Trull discusses navigating dangerous gang-controlled areas, the situation in local prisons and the complexity of El Salvador's problems in general.
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Local Parent Continues Free-Range Fight

The local "free-range" parents who allowed their young children to walk home from school alone were cleared of all charges by Child Protective Services earlier this summer. We talk with the Silver Spring mom about why she sees her ordeal as an opportunity to change national attitudes on parenting.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Interrupt Bowser's Anti-Crime Announcement

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s news conference to announce an anti-crime strategy was disrupted by Black Lives Matter activists on Thursday.

Virginia Television Station Holds Moment Of Silence To Honor Slain Journalists

The station paused at 6:45 a.m. to remember reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, who were killed during a live broadcast.

As Vinyl Booms, Virginia Company Plans To Open A Record-Pressing Plant

Demand for new vinyl records is off the charts. That's why one company in Northern Virginia plans to open its own record-manufacturing business.

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We chat with D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier about the city's strategy to combat the spike in violent crime taking place in the nation's capital.
China's market turmoil reverberates worldwide. More than 100 people die this week in Europe's ongoing migrant crisis. And the new U.S. envoy for Syria pushes for a political solution to the civil war...
The shooting of two journalists renews calls for gun control. President Obama visits New Orleans to mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And the U.S. stock market takes investors on a...
"It kind of broke the system," says Jake Fisher, director of the magazine's auto test division. Tesla's stock rose 8 percent Thursday.
Law enforcement agencies in North Dakota are now allowed to operate drones armed with "less than lethal" weapons.
Details were still emerging about the killing of two journalists in Roanoke, Virginia, Wednesday when Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe starting calling for gun control.
SuperPAC Priorities USA Action released a digital ad blasting Republican candidates for their heated rhetoric on immigration. It's a small campaign for now, but it sends a clear message.
The president said that what started out as a natural disaster became something much worse when government didn't "look out for its own citizens."
Simmons College in Boston has announced it will transition its brick-and-mortar program to an online-only degree for women and men.
Given two choices of attractive mates, female frogs pick the top vocalist. But add a third, inferior male to the mix, and females go for No. 2. The "decoy effect" shapes some human choices, too.
The National Labor Relations Board ruled Thursday that many corporations using a franchise model are "joint employers" with the local franchisee, which will impact union organizing and negotiations.
In Texas, the Prairie View City Council has voted to rename a street as "Sandra Bland Parkway." Bland was arrested by police after a traffic stop and later died in jail.
The migrants and refugees streaming into Europe aren't traveling on their own. Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, explains who the smugglers are and how their...
The bodies of at least 20 people, thought to be migrants, were recently found in an abandoned truck in Austria. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with reporter Kerry Skyring about the tragic discovery.
The aerospace giant is moving to settle a suit accusing it of mishandling its plan. The case is part of a legal assault by an attorney to stop firms from offering workers high-cost retirement plans.
Planned Parenthood has paid forensic experts to comb through undercover videos released by anti-abortion activists, and their report finds significant distortions and misleading edits. The report has...
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