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The Politics Hour - September 30, 2016

D.C.'s statehood activists rally while the Council opens debate on a state constitution. An appeals court reviews Virginia's voter ID law. And Prince George's County contends with a spate of incidents involving sexual abuse of school kids.

Good Luck Finding 8-Car Trains On The Blue Line — Data Show How Rare They Are

Only 2 percent of Blue Line trains consisted of eight railcars during morning and afternoon rush hour since Aug. 1, according to a co-developer of the dcmetrohero app. Metro had promised to deploy more of them to help reduce rush-hour crowding.

Supreme Court Takes Up Case That Could Affect Redskins Trademark

The court decided to review a lower court decision that found the government could not deny trademarks because of an offensive name.

Developer-In-Chief: Obama Wants D.C. (And Other Cities) To Build More Housing

Is enough housing being built in Washington and other U.S. cities? President Obama doesn't seem to think so.

Terrence Sterling's Family Questions Timing Of Union Official's Arrival At Scene Of Shooting

The attorney for motorcyclist Terrence Sterling's family says they have more questions for officials after seeing additional police body camera footage from the night Sterling was fatally shot by a D.C. officer.

Dance Legend Returns To Washington In Time To Help Ballet Celebrate A Milestone

Ballet superstar Julie Kent was a Bethesda teenager studying at the Maryland Youth Ballet before moving to New York decades ago. Now she's coming home, but her job isn't to perform.

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