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For These Virginia Women, Donald Trump Is 'The Man For These Times'

A group called Virginia Women for Trump want to make sure Donald Trump is the next president. With just a couple of weeks away from the election, they're mobilizing at the grassroots level for their candidate. 

Latino Turnout Expected To Remain Low, Despite Charged Words On Campaign Trail

Latinos have been a frequent target on the campaign trail in the context of immigration, but despite the sometimes inflammatory words, turnout is expected to remain low. In the D.C. area, however, there are some small signs that the tide may be turning.

Jet Noise Is No Joke For Residents Burned By Report About Airport Complaints

Nobody wants to own up to making thousands of complaints about noise from planes flying out of Reagan National Airport. But nearby residents say the noise definitely has gotten worse recently. And there appears to be a specific reason — a new air traffic control system.

D.C. Takes Over Portion Of Walter Reed Campus, Setting Stage For Development

It's official: D.C. now owns 66 acres worth of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Northwest, allowing it to move forward on a large-scale redevelopment project that's been years in the making.

Blind Spot, Botched Communication Led To Near-Fatal Incident On Metro Last Week

Metro's top safety official weighed in on the causes of an incident last week where two federal track inspectors were nearly run over by a Metro train outside Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

D.C. United Heads To The Playoffs, As Countdown To New Stadium Begins

What are the playoff prospects for D.C. United, how is the stadium coming along? We check in with The Washington Post's soccer beat writer Steven Goff.

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Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook features comfort food he cooks for his young daughter. "She's who I need to please, and if she's not happy, I'm not happy," he says.
The news of Vine shutting down has sent a shockwave through the Internet. It had brought together a diverse slew of comedians, musicians, artists and amateur directors, preceding the live video craze.
The WWF report asserts that wildlife populations have dropped by a startling percentage since 1970. The details and extent of that decline, however, are more complex than any one number can capture.
Four years of too little water is killing millions of trees in the Sierra, yet some giant sequoias still thrive. Tree-climbing scientists are exploring sequoias branch by branch to find their secret.
It’s hard to imagine a more desolate, soul-crushing landscape than the great salt flats in Bolivia. The Salar de Uyuni stretch as far as the eye can see for thousands of square miles, with nothing...
In the book that serves as a companion piece and reciprocal guide to her mazy, incandescent new collection of songs, the singer-songwriter, author and punk mystic Kristin Hersh shares the harrowing...
It isn’t always easy for an established group to pivot toward a new sound — but it might be a little easier for Kurt Wagner. The mastermind of the Nashville indie group Lambchop has long employed...
Even if you’ve never heard Hope Sandoval‘s music, you’ll know her M.O. well before the end of Until The Hunter‘s first song: This is an artist who takes her time. For the nine minutes ...
“You can’t build love out of guns and blood and sorrow,” sings Jim James in “Same Old Lie.” It’s one of the standout tracks on the My Morning Jacket frontman’s latest solo album, Eternally Even...
Internet service providers will have to ask consumers before collecting and selling their data. However, the new rules do not apply to Google, Facebook and other tech giants.
Aid groups are falling short on some of the world's worst crises, says researcher Sara Pantuliano. There is a way to fix it — but it might not be popular.
A group called Virginia Women for Trump want to make sure Donald Trump is the next president. With just a couple of weeks away from the election, they're mobilizing at the grassroots level for their...
A major trade deal between Canada and the European Union hit a snag when the tiny Belgian region of Wallonia raised objections. But after winning concessions, the Walloons say they're now onboard.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigned in Florida this week. NPR attended two rallies — one for her, one for him — that made clear just how different these candidates are.
The May 2015 derailment left eight people dead and more than 200 others injured. Attorneys say the agreement means their clients will receive money more quickly than if the case were to be litigated.
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