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Uber And Lyft Ignore Virginia's Demand To Cease And Desist

Ridesharing services Uber and Lyft both say they will continue normal operations in Virginia even after the state's Department of Motor Vehicles sent cease and desist letters to both companies.
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Frozen Metro Door Strands Passengers On Outdoor Platforms

Trains were delayed more than 25 minutes on Tuesday morning after ice and snow jammed a door on the Red Line.

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Safety Officials Say Vehicle-To-Vehicle Tech Will Prevent Crashes, Save Lives

The Department of Transportation outlined a new mandate on Monday that will require car manufacturers to include technology that will prevent deaths stemming from collisions by enabling cars to talk to each other wirelessly.

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Metro GM Blames Recent Mechanical Problems On Cold Weather

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles appeared on The Kojo Nnamdi Show on Wednesday, and while he acknowledged the cold-related problems that have hindered the transit system this week, he said their metrics show improvement.

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Are D.C. Cabbies Following The Rules? Undercover Riders Find Out

The D.C. Taxicab Commission wants to make sure the city's cab drivers are following regulations, so riders were sent undercover to see how they did.

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New 7000-Series Railcars Bring Metro Closer To Meeting NTSB Recommendations

Metro is one step closer to meeting a key requirement handed down by the National Transit Safety Board following the 2009 crash on Metro's Red Line that claimed the lives of nine people, as they show off the newer, safer 7000-series railcars.

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Property Thefts On Metro Drive 9.8 Percent Increase In Crime

Crime is up in the Metro system so far this year, with a Metro report pinning the increase on a larger regional increase in the theft of bicycles and cell phones.

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Virginia Transportation Projects Get $200 Million In Funding

Bottlenecks on Rt. 28 in Northern Virginia will be one of the first targets of the newly-authorized Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.

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Testing Process In Motion On D.C.'s Streetcar Project

After more than 50 years since streetcars last carried passengers in the District, they are moving again — at an Anacostia test track.

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New Transportation Money A Boon For Prince George's County Bid For FBI

Lawmakers in Maryland are saying the increase in transportation funding being dedicated to Prince George's County should make it a more attractive candidate for the new FBI headquarters.