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Can Body Cameras 'Civilize' Police Encounters?

Police in Ferguson, Mo., started wearing video cameras this week. What effect do they have on behavior? A criminologist reviews the (preliminary) evidence.

Hacker Breached HealthCare.Gov

A statement from the Department of Health and Human Services said a hacker uploaded malware onto the website's test servers. No data was taken.

In E-Book Price War, Amazon's Long-Term Strategy Requires Short-Term Risks

Amazon's position is that "instead of selling 100,000 copies at $14.95, you would sell 200,000 copies, let's say, at $8.99 or $9.99," says industry analyst Tim Bajarin.

Gridiron Tech Tags Players, Delving Deeper Into The Game's Data

Something new is coming to the NFL this year: high-tech tracking devices on players. In some stadiums, they'll give teams and TV audiences real-time readouts of player movements. They'll also give coaches tons of data to fine-tune their game plans.

The Myth Of The Private Naked Selfie

When hackers steal credit card numbers, the banks and major retailers pay. When they steal personal photos from an Apple account, the user shoulders the cost and can't take back the images.

A $1 Microscope Folds From Paper With A Drop Of Glue

Engineers at Stanford University have designed a microscope that fits in your pocket and costs less than a dollar to make. Here's the best part: You put the microscope together yourself.

I Feel Nothing: The Home Depot Hack And Data Breach Fatigue

So many big data breaches — not to mention celebrity data hacks — have happened in the past year that we're reacting to hacks with a shrug.

Nude Photos Hack Wasn't Broad Attack On Apple Services

Nude photos of celebrities have spread across the Internet. On Tuesday, Apple said that some celebrity accounts were hit by an attack on user names, passwords and security questions.

The Troubling Implications Of The Celebrity Photo Leak

To learn more about the recent celebrity photo hack, Melissa Block speaks with Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University. They discuss how the photos might have been obtained.

In Tom Hanks' iPad App, Typewriters Make Triumphant Return (Ding!)

For iPad users who are nostalgic for the clickety-clack of keystrokes and "ding!" of the carriage return, Hanks has created Hanx Writer, an app that simulates using a typewriter.