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Can Web Search Predict Cancer? Promise And Worry Of Big Data And Health

Microsoft researchers say in their new study, Bing searches held clues to pancreatic cancer diagnoses. But what role should new data streams like web searches and social media play in public health?

With Lending Club Disgraced, An Industry Looks For Lessons

Lending Club, a leader in the peer-to-peer marketplace, is mired in scandal. The finance technology industry, known as FinTech, is dissecting what it means for online lending.

Silicon Valley Venture Capital Pioneer Tom Perkins Dies At 84

Long before the boom of the California tech scene, Perkins in 1972 co-founded a prominent venture capital firm in 1972, and used a new approach to investment.
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Making Our Region's Cities "Smart"

Big data and technology have the potential to make local municipalities more effective, safe and productive.


Apps That Aim To Give Parents 'Superpowers'

A new wave of educational technology focuses on building family connections. Here's a look at two new approaches.

One Year After OPM Data Breach, What Has The Government Learned?

A year ago, the government said the personal information of millions of employees and others was stolen by hackers. Federal officials say they've boosted cybersecurity, but there's more work to do.

If Cybersecurity Is An Arms Race, Then How Is The U.S. Doing?

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Ann Barron-DiCamillo of Strategic Cyber Ventures about what the U.S. government has learned in the year since a security clearance database was hacked.

Sweeping Changes In Store For Curling After 'Broomgate'

There's a controversy in the world of curling. New broom technology is changing the way the game is played — making it too easy, players like Brad Gushue say. So, researchers tried to find a solution.

Cat Videos And All, The Internet May Be Humankind's Greatest Masterpiece

In her new book Magic and Loss, Virginia Heffernan makes the case for the Internet as art. Just look at Twitter, she says. "It's hard to think of a time when poetry was more powerful."

Families Isolated By Rare Genetic Conditions Find New Ways To Reach Out

A website that helps connect families of kids who have extremely rare genetic diseases with scientists — and with other families — is turning up new diagnoses, support and avenues of treatment.