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Snacking In Shakespeare's Time: What Theatregoers Ate At The Bard's Plays

There were no dress circle lounges nor mezzanine bars 400 years ago. Back then, audience snacked on cold nibbles and ready-made street food from vendors they passed on their way to the performance.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks 'Hamilton': Once A 'Ridiculous' Pitch, Now A Revolution

When the Broadway musical's creator said the life of Alexander Hamilton embodied hip-hop, people laughed. Now, he's written a book about the national phenomenon with former critic Jeremy McCarter.

Child Migrants' Harrowing Journey Brought To Life On Stage

Shelter is a play based on interviews with Central American kids about the violence that drove them to migrate north, and the experience of living in limbo in the U.S. It opens this weekend.

22 Years After Famous Firing, Kathleen Battle Returns To Metropolitan Opera

The opera singer Kathleen Battle is set to return to the Metropolitan Opera — 22 years after she was famously dismissed for "unprofessional actions."

The Story Of Line 24: How Performing Artists Landed On The Tax Form

Many of the lines on tax forms like the 1040 seem oddly specific. Some are for farmers, some for divorcees, some for servicemen and women. Behind each of those we can see the process that shapes our tax code. NPR looks at one line — for performing artists — and how it came to be.

Artists Pay Tribute To No-Frills Chinatown Bus, Discomforts And All

The Fung Wah bus was a cheap and not entirely safe way to get between major cities in the Northeast. It's no longer operating, but that hasn't stopped former riders from "recreating" the experience.

'Dear Evan Hansen' Musical Takes On Teen Behavior, Tangled In Social Media

A musical by Tony-nominated songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul opens Saturday in New York. "Dear Evan Hansen" is a comedy-drama about social anxiety and teen suicide in the age of social media.

Dance, Dance, Revolution: When An American Fell In Love With Castro's Spy Chief

A fairy-tale romance between a dancer from Connecticut and a young Cuban studying at Columbia turned into a political thriller — and resulted in the unlikely birth of a new art form in Cuba.
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Shirley MacLaine: "Above The Line"

Oscar-winning actress and best-selling author Shirley MacLaine talks about her long career in film, making a new movie in the Canary Islands and the power of personal insights that can be pulled from our long-forgotten memories.


Have 5 Hours To Spare? See Bolaño's Epic '2666' Onstage

Roberto Bolaño's posthumous novel 2666 weighs in at more than 900 pages — a challenging read, to say the least. Now Chicago's Goodman Theatre has adapted it as a 5 1/2 hour stage production.