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Thailand Blocks Access To Damaging Human Rights Report

U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said this week that six months after a coup toppled the country's elected government, the regime arrests its opponents and censors the media.

OPEC Declines Action As World Oil Prices Hit Record Lows

OPEC oil producers met Thursday to discuss falling world oil prices — something big producer Saudi Arabia seeks to preserve in order to compete with U.S. oil production. But other OPEC countries want to get prices back up because their governments need the money.

China Has To Kick Smoking Habit Or Health Care Costs Could Be Huge

China, home to the world's largest population of smokers, is looking at a draft regulation that would ban indoor smoking and tobacco advertising. One anti-smoking NGO says the government is weighing the loss of tobacco tax revenue against stratospheric health care costs in the future.

In A Land Of Few Christians, Pope Will Reach Out To Muslims In Turkey

Pope Francis will meet with Turkey's Muslim leaders and the head of the Orthodox Church in what may be the most challenging trip of his young papacy.

Situation In Ferguson, Mo., Resonates Around The World

Ari Shapiro speaks with editors from news outlets in Germany, Russia and Kenya about how the events in Ferguson are being covered and perceived abroad.

Foreigners Targeted In Multiple Kabul Attacks

There were multiple attacks targeting Westerners in Afghanistan's capital on Thursday, on the same day the Afghan parliament approved an agreement to allow some U.S. troops to remain the country.

Israel Is A Homeland For Jewish People — But Is It A Jewish State?

Israel was founded as a homeland for the Jewish people. But a proposal to define it in law as a Jewish state has become a hot-button political issue. Opponents say it's a undemocratic mix of religion and law.

Sun, Sand And Offshore Drilling In Spain's Famed Canary Islands

Highly reliant on oil imports, Spain's government is encouraging oil exploration off the coast of the Canary Islands. But locals say the drilling threatens the natural attractions that draw tourists.

WTO Members Approve Historic Trade Deal

The World Trade Organization's 160 members unanimously approved a first-ever multilateral trade deal which the group believes will boost global commerce by $1 trillion annually.

Indian Investigators Deny Village Girls Were Raped, Murdered

Villagers said the two "untouchable" caste girls were gang-raped and then hanged from a tree in May, but the country's equivalent of the FBI now says there was no rape and that they hanged themselves.