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Government Shutdown

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Shutdown Freezes Program For Kids At National Arboretum

Now that just a few people are allowed into the National Arboretum during the shutdown, a special program for D.C. kids is on hold.

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Daycares In Federal Buildings Scramble To Remain Open

Many of D.C.'s daycare centers are housed in federal buildings, and with the shutdown, these agencies have had to scramble to find alternative spaces.

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Why Anti-Government Activists Aren't Celebrating The Shutdown

If you think anti-government factions are thrilled about the feds screeching to a halt, think again.

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From A To B: Metro Grapples With Empty Seats On Trains, Buses

After an already difficult fiscal year, WMATA is losing about 20 percent of its ridership each day as federal workers stay home.

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Shutdown May Force Health Clinic To Turn Away Patients

Local health clinics depend on reimbursements from Medicaid and Medicare, but in D.C., the shutdown is cutting off those payments.

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Can Worker Morale Survive The Shutdown?

The one-two punch of sequestration and the shutdown are forcing some federal employees to reconsider the stability and security of their career path.

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Md. Family Braces For Next Wave Of Shutdown Cuts

Ian Adams is one of the lucky federal employees who's been working during the furlough... but his facility's funding won't last forever.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Shutdown City

As the partial government shutdown slogs through its second week, we'll look at the ripple effects on our region's residents and businesses.

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Shutdown Enters Day 10, Local Economy Continues To Suffer

As gridlock continues to keep the government shuttered, lawmakers say it's starting to hurt the economy in the region.

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Inside The Mind Of A Furloughed Federal Employee On Day 10 Of Shutdown

An estimated 800,000 federal employees remain on furlough thanks the budget impasse in Congress. One federal employee shares his experiences, and speculates on the potential long-term consequences.