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Encore: Artist Makes It Big With Adult Coloring Books

As adult coloring books hit the bestseller list on Amazon, NPR's Audie Cornish talks to illustrator Johanna Basford. This story originally aired on April 1, 2015, on All Things Considered.

Artist Ellsworth Kelly, Master Of Colorful Abstraction, Dies At 92

Kelly was recognized as one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century. He died Sunday afternoon, leaving behind pieces in nearly every major museum of modern art.

With Artist Frank Stella, What You See Is What You See

Early in his career, Stella's goal was to not depict anything. In 1958, he notoriously achieved that. Since then, Stella has continued to push the possibilities of his art.

Is This Snowy Wonderland Or The World Inside A Petri Dish?

Artist Rogan Brown peers into the invisible worlds of microbes, then uses their forms as the inspiration for large paper sculptures that seem at once familiar and profoundly alien.
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Deborah Voigt: "Call Me Debbie: True Confessions Of A Down-to-Earth Diva" (Rebroadcast)

Deborah Voigt started singing as soon as she could talk. She eventually became one of opera's most sought after performers. But struggles with weight and addiction plagued her. A conversation with opera singer Deborah Voigt.


With Powerful Murals, Hale Woodruff Paved The Way For African-American Artists

The pioneering African-American artist and teacher is the subject of not one but two exhibitions in Kansas City. His great nephew Shawn Hughes remembers him as reserved but with "an awesome presence."

In 'Drawing Blood,' A Life Of Art And Action

Artist Molly Crabapple's lavishly illustrated memoir chronicles her youth in New York and her work illustrating the Occupy Wall Street movement, protests in Greece and everyday life in Syria.

Hidden For Decades, Pollocks, Rothkos And More Go On Display In Iran

Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art has a spectacular collection of 20th century Western art. But until now, most of it has been locked away in a vault since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Japanese Illustrator Shigeru Mizuki Dies At 93

One of Japan's most beloved illustrators has died. Shigeru Mizuki always loved to draw, but it wasn't until he was in his 40s that he began to publish his most important work.

Boston Museum Exhibit Celebrates Legacy Of Black Mountain College

Black Mountain College was only open for 24 years, but it helped foment the work of several artists, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, including John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Cy Twombly. Now it's the subject of the first major museum retrospective at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art.