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Sage Grouse Does Not Need Protection, U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Says

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday the greater sage grouse does not need protections under the Endangered Species Act. The move is being celebrated by Western states and industry stakeholders because they say a listing would cost them billions of dollars in economic activity. But some environmental groups say the bird should be listed as endangered, and they plan to file lawsuits.

Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Have Emissions Cheating Software

Volkswagen faces a growing scandal over how it used software to dodge clean air rules for diesel vehicles. The Justice Department opened a criminal probe and financial penalties are sure to follow.

Sage Grouse Bird Does Not Need Protection, U.S. Decides

The Interior Department said an unprecedented land conservation effort significantly reduced the threats to the greater sage grouse. At this time, the bird does not need to be listed as endangered.

Wherever You Go, Your Personal Cloud Of Microbes Follows

You're not just shedding microbes on every surface you touch. Research suggests you're actually walking around in an airborne plume of bacteria and other microscopic organisms that's unique to you.

This Pest Has Shut Down South Florida's $700 Million Fruit Industry

Officials have quarantined 85 square miles of farmland in a fight to halt the spread of the destructive Oriental fruit fly. The freeze comes just as growers were starting to harvest tropical fruits.
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Pope Francis Makes His First Visit To The U.S.

Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. this week, his first visit ever. His agenda includes an address to Congress, and meetings at the White House and the U.N. We look at how the pope is changing conversations about the environment, the world's poor and the future of the Roman Catholic Church.


Citizen Adventurers Sample Seawater To Count Tiny Pieces Of Plastic

Plastic pollution in the sea doesn't just mean bottles and bags. Citizen scientists around the world are helping researchers assess the impact of tiny, often invisible particles called microplastics.

The U.N. Wants You To Take A Selfie, Spin Around, Listen To A Llama

It's all part of the crazy, creative campaign to get people to pay attention to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations will endorse this coming week.

A Win For The Whales: Navy Agrees To Limit Sonar Use

As part of a legal settlement with environmental groups, the U.S. Navy has agreed to limit their use of sonar in certain areas off California and Hawaii that are whale habitats.

Seattle Otter Treated For Asthma After Exposure To Wildfire Smoke

It's not just humans that have been affected by wildfires this year. An otter called Mishka is being treated for asthma after being exposed to smoke by fires near Seattle.