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How To Sell Green Products To The Self-Regarding Consumer

Research shows narcissists can be induced to make environmentally positive purchases when those purchases are linked to the things narcissists value — prestige, status and image.

Meters Would Help Sacramento Homes Save More Water

Officials in California are asking people to use less water because of the severe drought. But about a million people in the state live in homes without the best means of water-use management: meters.

In Wyoming, Going Deep To Draw Energy From Coal

The United States has lots of coal, but most of it is buried far underground. A new method can extract it, but the environmental costs might prove too high for nearby landowners.

Former Treasury Secretary Finds In Climate Change An Economic Threat

As secretary of the treasury from 2006 to 2009, Henry Paulson grappled firsthand with the U.S. financial crisis. He says he sees a similar pattern now developing related to climate change: mounting excess, flawed policies and unheeded warnings. For that reason, Paulson is working to convince his fellow Republicans and the American business community that a carbon tax is not only a wise move, but a critical one.

Latest Climate Change Report Paints Dire Picture For Business

The economy faces great risks from climate change, according to a study by a bipartisan group of former business leaders and public officials. It predicts harsh consequences if action isn't taken.

As Sea Levels Rise, Norfolk Is Sinking And Planning

Rising waters are threatening the giant naval base in Norfolk, Va., as well as the local businesses. The community is beginning to grapple with the reality, but many owners say they're staying put.

Water Wheel Helps To Rid Trash In Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Officials in Baltimore have found a way to clean up the tons of litter that wash into the harbor when it rains. The city has a new trash cleaning water wheel.
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Leaders Sign Landmark Agreement To Help Clean Chesapeake Bay

Governors from states neighboring the Chesapeake Bay recently signed what some environmentalists are calling a landmark agreement that recommits the effort to clean up the bay and broadens the approach to solving the problem.
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After Deaths, Ocean City Beach Patrol Warns Against Rip Currents

After two teenagers were sucked out to sea and drowned, Ocean City's beach patrol has been ramping up its efforts to educate swimmers about the danger of rip currents.

Ohio Rolls Back Renewable Energy Standards

Many states around the U.S. have adopted policies that encourage the development of renewable energy. Lately, though, there's been a major push nationwide for states to repeal those policies. As Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports, Ohio appears to be the first state to temporarily halt some of their standards for utilities.