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Scientists Say The Moon Really Does Impact Rainfall On Earth

When the moon is overhead or "underfoot," the chance of rainfall diminishes ever so slightly, a new study concludes.
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Debating Use Of Federal Lands: Bureau Of Land Management Director Neil Kornze

The extremist group behind the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon has demanded that all federal land be "returned to the people." We explore the history of federal land management, how the 250 million acres overseen by the Bureau of Land Management are used, and why there's a vast cultural difference in how public land is viewed out West versus here on the East Coast.


How Scientists Are Working To Eradicate Zika Mosquitoes

Can the spread of the Zika virus be curtailed by eliminating mosquitoes that carry it? Professor Anthony James of UC Irvine discusses the consequences of pesticides to our health and on the ecosystem.

Drop In Oil Prices Complicates Effort To Combat Climate Change

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy to combat climate change will require trillions of dollars in investment. Cheap prices for fossil fuels are making that transition a bit more complicated.

Flint's Undocumented Migrants Hesitate To Request Help During Water Crisis

Some undocumented immigrants in Flint, Mich., are just finding out that the water from their taps is contaminated with lead. Fear of being deported keeps some from picking up free water and filters.

Flint Needs Long-Term Solutions To Unsafe Water, State Official Says

Steve Inskeep talks to Brian Calley, Michigan's lieutenant governor, about plans to use state and federal funds to deal with Flint's troubled water system. Drinking water is contaminated with lead.

A Big El Niño Was The Likely Instigator Of Last Week's Blizzard

The weather trail that led to a blizzard in the Mid-Atlantic likely started with a very warm Pacific, scientists suspect. Whether climate shifts will bring more strong El Niños is still uncertain.

National Park Service Launches Search For Next Ansel Adams

The National Park Service is hiring a full-time photographer to document the country's natural landscapes. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Rich O'Connor of the National Park Service photography program about the position, which some are comparing to the job held by Ansel Adams in the 1940s.

Why The Southeast Could Become The Napa Valley Of Oysters

Oysters from the Pacific Northwest have long been the most coveted for their sweet, mild flavor. But they now have more competition from Southeast oysters cultivated from Virginia down to Florida.


Air Regulators Sue Calif. Utility Over Massive Gas Leak

A local regulatory body has filed a civil suit against the Southern California Gas Co. alleging negligence over the ongoing natural gas leak near Porter Ranch in Los Angeles.