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The Dutch Ruling On Climate Change That Could Have A Global Impact

A Dutch court hands environmentalists a big victory with potential global repercussions, ordering the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent.

Death Toll Rises To 800 As Heat Wave Hits Pakistan

At least 800 people have died in a heat wave sweeping through Pakistan.

Genetically Modified Salmon: Coming To A River Near You?

Scientists are trying to predict what might happen if genetically modified salmon escaped growth facilities. It's a scenario often raised by critics who don't want the FDA to approve sale of the fish.

Survival Of The Greenest Beer? Breweries Adapt To A Changing Climate

Breweries are grappling with more weather extremes — heat waves, snowy winters, heavy rains and drought. Many are coming up with creative ways to adjust to their changing environments.

How Fracking Is Fueling A Power Shift From Coal To Gas

Driven by new regulations and fracking, more coal power plants are retiring for cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas. But scientists have yet to work out the fossil fuel's imperfect climate footprint.

EPA Official: Decisions On Climate Change Will Affect Economic Future Of U.S.

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy on the second anniversary of the president's Climate Action Plan.

After Waterway Closure, Minneapolis Sees An End To River Shipping

For the first time ever, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed part of a navigable waterway to stem the migration of an invasive species.
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Amid Efforts To Restore Chesapeake Oysters, Watermen Get A Bad Rap

Efforts to restore populations of Chesapeake oysters have been called a "war on watermen," but experts say setting watermen against oyster restoration efforts is a false dichotomy.


Israel Bets On Recycled Water To Meet Its Growing Thirst

Treated sewage water accounts for half the water used by Israel's farms. Entrepreneurs are experimenting with ways to cut costs and to ensure that the 86 percent of wastewater that's recycled is safe.

French Ecology Minister Calls For A Nutella Boycott

She asked consumers to stop eating Nutella because it's made with palm oil, which contributes to deforestation. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Glenn Hurowitz, managing director of Climate Advisers.