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Virginia To Reconsider Standardized Tests

A Virginia committee has laid out 12 ways that schools in the commonwealth can move away from teaching to the test.
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Commission Suggests Changes That Could Help Bring Down College Costs In Va.

A Virginia commission studying why the costs of a college education have soared in the state has some suggestions about bringing them down.
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Feds Single Out Va. Schools For Restraining And Isolating Misbehaving Students

The U.S. Department of Education has singled out two Virginia schools for routinely putting students in isolation or physically restraining them in response to misbehavior.
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Troubled Alexandria School To Get New Building, But Will It Make A Difference?

School leaders in Alexandria are preparing for a new school year and a new start for a long-troubled school.
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Two Democrats Seeking To Replace Moran Say They Oppose Common Core Standards

Candidates in the hotly contested Democratic primary to replace longtime Congressman Jim Moran are divided about national education standards.
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George Mason University Adopts Gender-Neutral Student Housing

Leaders at George Mason University are about to create new gender-neutral student housing, a policy that would allow all kinds of students to live together — male, female and students who don't identify with either gender.
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Raises For Fairfax County Teachers Might Come At Expense Of School Staff

Fairfax County schools Superintendent Karen Garza has proposed $41 million in raises for teachers, while also saying that $96 million in cuts will likely eliminate 731 staff positions.
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Sea Of Japan, Or East Sea? In Virginia, It's A Controversial Question

Virginia's General Assembly has been caught in a dispute between Japan and Korea, and it's over how students and teachers refer to the body of water between the two nations.

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Virginia Senate Moves To Delay McDonnell-Era School Reforms

The Virginia Senate has passed bills that would delay implementation of a new school-rating scheme and reduce the number of standardized tests taken by students.
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Budget Amendment Would Allow Virginia Schools To Go Year-Round

It might be a terrifying concept for kids, but some Virginia legislators and education advocates say that schools should be given the option to stay open year-round.