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WAMU 88.5 Membership

When you give to WAMU 88.5, your gift directly supports the programs you rely on every day.
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Become a sustaining member of WAMU 88.5

Supporting WAMU 88.5 is easy when you become a Sustaining Member. You designate the monthly contribution to be charged to your credit card account.

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Car Donation

Go the last mile with your used vehicle. If your automobile (truck, boat, motorcycle, RV or aircraft) is no longer of use to you, it can still go a long way towards supporting the programs you rely on as a donation to WAMU.

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Shop and Sell Online

WAMU 88.5 partners with several web sites to make it easier to direct resources to the station through your everyday purchases.

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In-Kind Donation Program

By providing an in-kind donation, you have the opportunity to make a unique contribution that may be eligible for a tax deduction, without a cash commitment, and receive on-air mentions.
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Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees.

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Gifts of Stock/Appreciated Property

Appreciated assets, such as stocks or mutual funds that have been held longer than one year and have appreciated in value, may be donated to WAMU 88.5 and may provide you with tax savings.

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Join the WAMU Facility and Equipment Challenge!

WAMU is a leading news organization and the NPR station in the nation’s capital. Our state-of-the-art new Media Center positions us to bring you even more informative, inspiring and in-depth content. Here, with your help, we can unfold exciting new stories together.
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Shop Amazon and Support WAMU

Bookmark this page and use it when you shop Your purchases will help us to raise money through a referral fee from Amazon. It doesn't cost you anything and once you click through from, you're in our account. So, the next time you need to purchase books, CDs, DVDs, or anything else, you can support WAMU!

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Workplace Giving

Workplace giving programs are an important source of funding for WAMU 88.5 and a convenient way for you to make your gift of financial support through payroll deduction.

Join the Leadership Circle

As a WAMU Leadership Circle member, you provide significant annual support to WAMU 88.5 and are one of the station's philanthropic leaders.

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Planned Giving

Make WAMU 88.5 a part of your legacy.

Become a Member

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Membership FAQ

Have a question about WAMU Membership? Chances are you'll find the answer here.

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WAMU 88.5 Day Sponsorship Policy

Donors who contribute $720 and greater are entitled to sponsor one day of programs on WAMU. The donor will receive three on-air credits for their personal message on a single day.

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WAMU MemberCard

The WAMU 88.5 MemberCard is a benefit exclusive to public broadcasting stations that offers contributing members 2-for-1 entrees at more than 250 area restaurants, and more than 8,600 restaurants across the country.

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WAMU 88.5 Young Informed Professionals

WAMU Young Professionals aims to connect and engage young professional public radio listeners with events that extend WAMU’s programming beyond the broadcast.


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Become A Volunteer

Volunteering not only benefits us here at WAMU, but you also have the opportunity to see how public radio works first hand and use your existing skills and develop new ones. Become a volunteer and make a donation of your time!

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Membership Campaign Volunteer Program

Our most exciting and most popular opportunity, WAMU membership campaigns bring you together with our producers, hosts, engineers and support staff as well as other fans of public radio in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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John Antonelli: Hooked on Membership Campaigns and Civic Activism

For Phone Room Manager John Antonelli, there is no other event more engaging or more fun than a WAMU 88.5 membership campaign.
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Volunteer Recognition

The volunteer of the year award and special projects award are given to a WAMU 88.5 volunteer each year for their exceptional service and for their commitment of time to the organization.

Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Support

WAMU receives nearly 40% of its revenue from the generous support of its underwriters.

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Featured Underwriter

This month's featured underwriter: PCI Communications.


WAMU 88.5 FM gratefully acknowledges the contributions from private, family, corporate and community foundations including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. These valuable partnerships help make possible our high quality programming and community involvement.