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Former Occupy DC Protesters Help Local Reverend

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Rev. Robert Vanzant protests the foreclosure of his home outside the Bank of America on 14th Street NW in Columbia Heights.
Markette Smith
Rev. Robert Vanzant protests the foreclosure of his home outside the Bank of America on 14th Street NW in Columbia Heights.

Reverend Robert Michael Vanzant is facing foreclosure on his home after health problems forced him to stop working, and caused him to fall behind on his payments.

The local reverend received help from former Occupy DC protestors this weekend, as they demonstrated in an effort to shut down Bank of America branches in the District.

The protesters blocked off the entrance and ATM at the Bank of America in Columbia Heights with yellow tape that read "Occupy."

"I would love to keep my home," says the reverend. "I've lived there for 24 years."

Vanzant, who is also a former Metro employee, fell behind on his mortgage payments after a mild stroke caused him to stop working in 2008.

Protestor Mike Haacks hopes the demonstration will get more people to speak out against bank practices he calls unfair.

"The banks have been bailed out, but yet they're still evicting people," he says. "For example, they haven't responded to Rev. Vanzant after two years of him reaching out them."

Similar protests took place across at bank branches across the area today.


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