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Distracted Driving: What It Will Take To Lower Fatalities

It is illegal in most states to text and drive. But new research says distracted driving -- including texting -- could be behind seventy percent of accidents. Assessing the prevalence of distracted driving and what it will take to lower fatalities.

President Obama Has His Last Laughs At 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner

In eighth and his last correspondents' dinner on Saturday evening, Obama didn't pull punches with his fellow politicos — but he did pull a last-minute mic drop.

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How Hidden Bias Shapes The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is making online transactions far more personal, which can lead to some unintended consequences.

Metro Announces 'Maintenance Surge' Along Red Line Through Weekend

Red Line riders, take heed. There will be major single tracking through the weekend as Metro seeks to address chronic issues on the Northwest part of the line.

With Focus On Safety, Transportation Secretary Foxx Overhauls Metro Board

Mort Downey, Harriet Tregoning and Anthony Giancola are being replaced on Metro's board of directors — part of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx's effort to overhaul the transit agency's day-to-day operations.

Why Are Weather Geeks Talking About Snow Measurement Right Now? The Capital Weather Gang Explains

The National Weather Service released a report this week that is an "indictment of the current system" for how the National Weather Service and Federal Aviation Administration measure snowfall totals, according to the Capital Weather Gang at The Washington Post. Forecaster Angela Fritz talks about the controversy.

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Supporters of President Hassan Rouhani fell short of a clear majority despite receiving the most votes. Analysts say the coming period will be combative, with many big issues decided by independents.
In eighth and his last correspondents' dinner on Saturday evening, Obama didn't pull punches with his fellow politicos — but he did pull a last-minute mic drop.
The organizers are calling it the "largest airlift of lions in history." The animals were rescued from circuses after Columbia and Peru banned the use of wild animals in circuses.
Disney announced the release date for its 100th Disney Channel Original Movie. NPR's Rachel Martin sits down with Buzzfeed Entertainment's Jaimie Etkin to discuss the cultural legacy of the series.
UK's minor soccer club has captured world attention by soaring to the top of the Premier Division in one season. If the club can beat soccer giants Manchester United on Sunday, they'll take the title.
Storycorps Outloud tells stories from the LGBTQ community. This week we hear from a mother and her transgender son, about their relationship and the summer camp that changed his life.
Rachel Martin talks with Angela Duckworth, the psychologist who brought the idea of "grit" as a marker of success into the American mainstream. Her book posits that achievement is about persistence.
NPR's Rachel Martin talks with author Lawrence Wright about the fate of Al-Qaida five years after the killing of Osama bin Laden.
President Obama had his last opportunity to take some digs at politicos and celebrities at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner.
When the assistant at a multinational corporation skims a tiny fraction of the company's billions, it sets off a chain of unexpected events. Camille Perri tells Rachel Martin about her new novel.
In this week's "Hanging On" series about the American middle class, NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with business owners Manolo Betancur and Zhenia Martinez. They own Las Delicias Bakery in Charlotte, N.C.
The Epidemic Intelligence Service, the "disease detectives" of the Centers for Disease Control holds their annual meeting this week. Rachel Martin asks EIS director Josh Mott how they do their work.
Rachel talks to Pete Seat, the Indiana consultant for John Kasich, about the upcoming primary.
California Republicans are holding their state convention this weekend. It's a chance for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to make their case to party leaders.
Every answer this week is a phrase in the form "___ and ___." We give you rhymes for the two missing words; you complete the phrases.
Although the Latino population is growing fast in Charlotte, N.C., it's not nearly as politically engaged. The GOP says they want their vote. But many Latinos feel alienated by the candidate options.
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